Student Visa with UK experience

Hi All,

I am 32 years old and have applied my dependent visa on my wife in UK but has rejected. So we went back to India and planning to apply Australia student visa, please find my time line in UK below. My question is will there be a chance of rejection here in my case, the reason i have chosen to do masters is to startup fresh.

Sep - 2008 - Entered UK as student but my college i have applied gone busted so have to apply for another college

January 2010 - Applied for another student visa but at the end of it, it has lost its licence when govt cracked down on colleges saying private colleges cannot offer studies to International students, only uni's can

April 2011 - Applied work permit

Sep 2013 - extended work permit leading to PR in 2016

Dec 2016 - didn't met the criteria for PR so have applied dependent on my wife

Dec 2018 - Wife visa got rejected which leaded to my refusal

So now i want to apply for student visa to Australia, during my period in UK i had a simple caution for shoplifting in 2011 and DUI in 2018.

Are there any chances of my student visa getting rejected or are there any other options i have.