Dog sitters/dog boarding

Hi there! New to the board, and staying in Cambodia with two dogs, taking a few years off to travel.

Well travel and having dogs obviously don't go well together, so I thought i'd ask if anyone knows of good boarding/pet sitting facilities? Or even hire a full-time housekeeper/pet sitter until I get back from tromping around the world?

Really interesting to look after your dogs for you.
I would like to know about your dogs.

They are two Rottweilers, an old 11 year old girl that requires hardly any attention, well behaved and quiet.

the young pup is slightly over a year old, and he's quite a handful, you need to keep him leashed as he is still hyperactive and well, a teenager. He, as all young dogs, likes to just play with a tennis ball all day.

Both have excellent temperaments, and are not aggressive to humans. The puppy will be aggressive to other dogs if they are aggressive towards him, therefore he needs to be controlled. The old girl is easy, doesn't need much work but the young one needs constant supervision.:)

Nice! We have 6 six at our village so look after the dogs should be ok.

I was thinking of a full time dog sitter / housekeeper to actually live at my house so I won't have to move my dogs :)

If not, a pet boarding facility where dogs are actually confined. You cannot let my young boy loose, he will fight with other dogs, and he is not fixed, so I cannot have half-Rottweiler/half-Khmer dogs running around, as Rottweilers have the capability of being dangerous in the wrong hands unfortunately.

OK.. So tell me where is your house. And how many people live in there? I would like to see your dogs, can I? You can contact me by sending message to my cell phone (078 77 05 05)
How do u think?


my friend Dawn is moving out to Cambodia from Egypt shortly with her own quiet, gentle dog, and will be looking for somewhere to live and some sort of work.

She has worked with animals in many ways over the years, charities, boarding houses, but would be very interested in talking to you about live-in housekeeping/dog sitting while you are travelling.

Which part of Cambodia are you living in?

For Sophykeo, I'm living in Mondulkiri, and if you want a holiday here, that would be best, since it will be an empty house! you can make full use of the kitchen and the spare bedroom, but not have friends over.

To netyoda, yes definitely I would like to speak to your friend, and her dog will get along just fine with mine, my old girl is gentle and sweet, the young boy is well, what you can expect a precocious teenage Rottweiler to be! All testerone, but throw a tennis ball for 2 hours each day and he's done.

And i live in Mondulkiri, a 5-6 hour drive from Phnom Penh. It isn't the best for finding jobs or making money, but its a great way to have a break in the beautiful north eastern Cambodian countryside, and i have a great house with a lot of land for the dogs to run around in, with a fully stocked everything, and furnished spare bedroom she can use.

thanks for the prompt reply

i would be very interested in dog sitting for you - my favourite dogs are rottweilers so i would love that

my dog is old but very young at heart and will give the teenager a run for his money on the ball chase

let me know when you are going or find me on skype - i will send you my address in a message



You can visit the website

Mondulkiry is a nice that i wish to see but it's hard to get a job over there. Do u find someone to look after ur house and ur dogs yet?

Thanks for all the input guys. My neighbours usually look after the dogs, but they are running a big resort and it gets busy for them sometimes.

My arrangement with fawny didn't work out, she won't be coming, so yes, I am still looking for someone to look after my house and dogs. However, of course, I need to know that someone really well to begin with.

Sophykeo, I am leaving next week for 6 weeks, so I think this time around it will be tough to arrange.

But perhaps we can start making arrangements or communications for next time. PLease email me at [email protected].

Jobs here will be hard yes, but your job here is easy, taking care of dogs and well, basically just being around for them.

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