Relocating to Cambodia with my dog

Hi, I'm hoping to get advice from others who have moved with their pet. Is it easy to travel with them? I haven't really picked out a "home base" yet, and would like to be able to travel with her. I've seen some places on Air BnB but am just looking to talk with anyone else who may have had a similar experience. I'm also interested to know about the level of veterinary care that may or may not be available in the following cities:

-Phnom Penh
-Siem Reap

Thanks so much!

I moved from Jakarta to Phnom Penh with my dog about a year ago with absolutely no trouble. We paid a fortune and had all of the paperwork in order, which nobody even looked at.

With regards to the availability of veterinary care:

Phnom Penh  - lots of choice
Siem Reap     - not much choice (lived there for a few months and often worried about the lack of vets)
Kampot          - not sure
Sihanoukville  - K9 Cambodia  -  www.k9cambodia.com

Best of luck with the move!

Thanks so much for your insight! Is it easy to travel in-country with a pet? Like, if I wanted to go from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville with her, could she get on the bus with me?

You're very welcome.

I do not have an answer based on experience for traveling in-country - by bus. I have traveled from Phnom Phen to Siem Reap and back using a private taxi - no problem there. SR-PP is 7/8 hours on a good day in a taxi - add another 4/5 hours (ish) on to that to get to Sihanoukville.

I am sure your dog - size permitting - could get on the bus with you. But could you / she / the other passengers stand the already frustrating journey?

I suppose it all boils down to how much patience you and your dog have :)

You're right! Private taxi is probably the best way to go- thanks so much!

You cannot carry animals on a Bus in Cambodia otherwise people would haul their chickens,frogs, snakes, buffaloes, dogs and cats aswell as birds next to you. All Bus Companies (licensed) deny transport of animals. Period.

If you want to travel by unlicensed, mostly overcrowded old minibusses and are happy to have the neighbors kids,animals or worse sitting on you you may travel anywhere.

Thanks for your two cents.

You're so friendly.

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