Kitten looking for someone to take care of him (urgent)

Hi :)

I have a 3 weeks old male kitten who may be losing his mom soon (she's at the vet and she seems to suffer from meningitis, the final diagnosis will come on Monday, and anyway she won't be able to milk anymore). I already managed to feed the kitten so he can eat without her but the problem is that I leave Cambodia for good in a week. The khmer neighboors feed cats but won't take him inside their home and I doubt he'll survive outside without his mom at such a young age. He would certainly enjoy being a domestic cat but mostly he needs someone to feed him and take care of him at least for a while, after which he may evolve into semi-wild (the mom was basically a gutter cat, coming home once in a while for a hug or some food, but living outside, and we have several cats around who do the same), so if you're interested or know someone who may be, please contact me at 017 470 410 or lotus[dot]flow3r[at]ymail[dot]com.

Thanks a lot :)


Hi Fred!

Could you please post your advert in the pets section of Cambodia classifieds?


Hi Armand,
Aren't we getting a little Picky in redirecting Fred to the Cambodia Classified Section.
He's just trying to help a kitten find a home. It's not exactly an Advert.


Hello Reg.

By posting an advert in the Cambodia classifieds -> Pets section, Fred has more chances in getting responses and his kitten in finding a home. ;)

Thank you,

I poseted an ad in that forum as well, thanks.

I'm really desperate here :-(

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