come to live in cambodia with my dog!

hello everybody!! i m planning to go living in mondulkiri, but i don t want to go without my dog . he is aroud 20kg, and aalways been with me, everywhere i m going!!! so i would like to have some informations about formalitys arriving over there, and if you know about plane companies ok and not too expansive to travel with him!!! if you know or have some info, please, can you answer??? thank a lot

Hi and welcome to the forum spyral!

I hope other members will be able to advise you soon ;)


Okay that's kinda weird, cos' no one seems to live in Mondulkiri :) This is my first post, so hello board!

You forgot something important, where are you flying in from? Cos' i took a 30kg dog with me from Singapore to Cambodia with no problems, a year ago, and we're happily living in Cambodia now.

your dog needs relevant certs, a generic vet's health check cert will be fine for the PP airport clearance. Also, you check the dog in as excess baggage, not too expensive, small price to pay to get your lifelong friend over. Give a holler when you're in Mondulkiri, my dogs will love to meet up with other expat dogs :P

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