Hi, I'm STEPHANIE I'm moving to Cambodia Sept, probs getting dog over!

My name is STEPHANIE and my partner Sam and I are planning to move to Cambodia to start a new life. We have booked our tickets for the 28th, very exciting.
We are trying to arrange for our dog to come out in January once we are settled, no problem you say, we'll all was going great apart from the extortionate costs until we were told no airlines are flying animals into Cambodia, apparently a recent change.
Anyone know anything about this?
Would it be possible to fly her to Thailand and travel overland?
Any input into this would be much appreciated.

Hello Stephanie

We are also moving to Cambodia, could you please let me know where you saw this from,because this could cause a huge problem.


I moved here in January from Canada and brought both my dog and cat on EVA Air with no problem whatsoever. Might be different if you are not travelling with your pet??? It was a breeze getting through Customs .... no issues at all.


We are also taking EVA air so hopefully no problems,we are going to call just to make sure. What forums did you need to have to get through customs in Cambodia.Are cat will be on the same flight as we are on.

I had a certificate from my vet to say they were in good health but they didn't ask to see anything!!  Just waltzed straight through without anyone even blinking an eye!!!

Stephanie, yeasterday I left JFK airport with my dog on an EVA Air flight headed to PP. We had a layover in Taipei and I was SO unbelievely excited to being only 5 hours away from walking through the streets of PP with my adorable little dog- oh, and my fiance... lol. As it turned out, as we were boarding our shuttle to the airplane a gentleman stopped us to let us know our dog would not be on this flight but would arrive in PP at a later time or date. He had no specifics... He knew we were the owners because 2 hours prior to boarding I asked him if he could verify my dog was being loaded onto our flight and he told me that all was well with my dog and he was being boarded as we were speaking. WTHHHHHH we're literally getting ready to leave and he says my dog can't fly... We got off the shuttle because I was freaking out, my dog had already been in his crate for nearly 24 hours and I couldn't be okay with "check at the lost and found in PP but we don't know when he will arrive there".

After a semi-meltdown I found out DOGS CANNOT FLY OUT OF TAIPEI ON EVA AIR. Doesn't matter the size, breed, type, etc. I found this out as we were supposed to be flying away and as I'm typing my fiance is finishing up the final plans that will take us from Taipei to HCM Vietnam... then we have to figure out a way from HCM to PP.

I hope this gets to you before you take off...

That is so strange since my cat and dog went through Taipei on EVA Air with me in January.

Any word on CATS out of Taipei .

Ctown, I would assume it's the same for cats. My dog is only 10lbs and it looks like the airplane that they use daily from Taipei to PP cannot accommodate animals.

We only just got into hmc and even though EVA said he was okay to get through customs at Vietnam they still had us wait almost 45 minutes. Now to figure out the bus situation.

Does anybody know who we can contact to get official info on this from the  Taipei  airport ? We went went out to the EVA Air office in our city and the person there said it should be no problem,but as always there could be lack of communication in their airline or from the airport.

Ctown, I would look on their website for the Taipei office's number or email. I was also told there was no issue, both on the phone in the US and at the JFK airport. Then,  even after talking to the staff to make sure my dog was on board they finally said there was no way he could fly with them. You could try, but I literally never want to go through that again.

not as cargo they don't.but flt him to bkk and thake the landcrossing at poipet with a taxi.be sure the internationam pasport of the dog is up to date with all the shots.and maybe contact the embassy of cambodia.laws are changing every day here .


Great, Rules and regulation are been followed in different ways, you can travel to Thailand and than arrange proper transportation for your pet. For this you need to have all clearance and health certificate for your pet.

Happy Journey........ :D


Well same things has just happened to us with EVA air who said they could not transport the cat on the plane from Taipei since the plane is too small and cannot transport animals. I have started looking at animal transport companies and one told me Six thousand US dollars. The only good thing is that I have been delayed in the stayed for a months ,so hopefully I can figure out something.

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