Lavoratori impatriati Tax

Hi everyone. A quick question.
Let me explain my situation.
I'm Argentinian with Italian citizenship. I have a company in Estonia, where I charge my employer in Australia (so technically I guess they would be just a customer). I receive a salary from my company in Estonia, no dividends gain. Estonia charges me no tax but asks me to pay on my country of residence. I came to Italy, Sicily 2 months ago. It is possible to apply to the ‘Lavoratori impatriati' scheme with my current work flow? Or maybe I need to get a 'partita iva' in order to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Do you get a salary as a dependent or a dividend only (unearned) salary?

Thanks for the response.
As a dependant. No dividends gain.

As a dependent, you would have a different tax set up - and couldnt go for the partita IVA.    Its a tough one,  and I guess you need a cross border accountant because once you get Estonia and Oz  into the mix its going to get very complicated.   At a push you could go for the impatriati,    have you checked this: … /Circolare n. 33 del 28122020.pdf/e22ac901-2a2c-e580-5516-9b2725a760b3.
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Hi. The link is broken.
I get confused by the 'dependant' word. I mean I can give me a salary whenever I want, I sit in both sides of the table.
I could also charge my Australian client from Italy. It does not have to by through my Estonian company. Would that work?

Hello @marcosdefilippi,

I'am a chartered accountant in Milan.
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Are USA Social Security payments taxable in Italy

Hi @Kevin Dalton,

If for social security payments you mean US pensions sourced income perceived from an Italian tax resident individual you should analyse if the pension is considered as public or private.Broadly speaking, for public pensions taxations will be due in US, according to the DTT in place beetween Italy and US. For private pension the taxation will be instead due on the country of residence of the taxpayer. Otherwise if for social security payments you mean the social security contributions paid in US from an Italian tax resident individual, I confirm that this payment are deductible in Italy from the taxable base.

In any case if you need further support or clarifications in relation to your specific case, on this link [link moderated]  you can fix a prelimiary call with me, in order to disuss about it.