How To Curb with sars'cov'2 in Peru

We know Peru at the moment has covid crisis, and we know that poverty is big issue, and although vaccination is seen as true way out from the surge of bad statistics, its question whether authorities will have success with wide spread medical immunization, so I would like to propose that people should strive also for natural immunization, and not that this next proposal is instant or ultimate solution, still knowing how Peruvians en'masse prefer traditional herb medicines thus they can see big benefit of Hemp Leafs as CBD immunity booster ... … p;t=180508

probably elections will end soon and regular medicine will curb with the problem although its not the only valve that should be opened so the surge of bad covid statistic to be stopped [1] yet if it is comfort in my opinion probably there are other places that have worst statistics of covid death toll but because underreporting  Peru became No.1 at the moment, but those who suffer or pass away dont have any benefit from such comfort, thus Be Real Fighter and share this info about CBD but first Please read all the proposed studies so this wouldnt be presented as instant miracle cure BUT regular boosting approach ...

Pelagon wrote:

We know Peru at the moment has covid crisis...

[P]robably elections will end soon and regular medicine will curb with the problem although its not the only valve that should be opened (for) the surge of bad covid statistic to be stopped...

According to press reporting, the winner of Peru's recent presidential election appears to be Pedro Castillo although no winner has been declared.

The camp of Keiko Fujimori, who apparently ran second, is contesting the election.

Keiko is the daughter of a disgraced and currently imprisoned ex-president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori.  She has lost tight presidential races before .. and is contesting this time on the grounds of alleged fraudulent voting.


either way that will not help Peruvians to stop the bad covid statistics, altho if Castillo come to power that could be chance Marijuana to be legalized or at least pushed as natural Hemp immunization as anticorporative measure for wide natural national immunization, still that asks for education except wide scientific debate, still if he dont focus to share his Christian Prayer as more important that shabanism for sure without extra Grace even CBD will not do the job ... still there is CBD hope that as hemp smoothy or salad dressing can become regular immunity boosting for those who prefer traditional lifestyle ... … p;t=180508

what is interesting is that coca leafs are risk for cardivasular system thus there should be warning that too much misusing the plant can bring blood clots risks, yet alone this is not so prime issue for all peruvians but the junk food lifestyle that is even norm mids the amazonian residents, thus CBD Zinc and natural Citric Acid from Lemons are the prime not'modern'pharmaceutical approach, yet without wide ontopic education things cant get better, thus again spread these studies and know'how ...

actually for now I was keeping my vitality with Zinc and Citric Acid coz CBD is expensive in Macedonia for our standards, while personal Marijuana cultivation forbidden, eventually I should try the industrial hemp leafs as option, yet even that is risk i.e. You will be molested by the authorities till is proven whether the leafs are from industrial hemp or marijuana, yet the risk is huge coz if there is little more thc in the plant You are doomed! anyway, doom the virus also with Zinc + Citric Acid here are few ontopic points ... … st-1646478

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