Covid19 Vaccination Digital Certificate

Covid19 Vaccination Digital Certificate for those who were vaccinated in Portugal

It is possible to obtain three types of Covid19 Digital Certificate (EU Green Certificate):

-  Vaccination certificate, which proves that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19 (it can be issued after the administration of each dose);

-  Test certificate, which proves that you have a negative result in a nucleic acid amplification molecular test (TAAN) - RT-PCR, RT-PCR in real time;

-  Recovery certificate, which proves you had Covid-19, but now recovered from this disease.

To obtain this certificate, you should access the SNS 24 portal, follow the instructions and choose the type of certificate you want. After validation of your request, this certificate is made available on the portal and you can download it. To improve cross-border acceptance, it is written in Portuguese and English.

Soon it will be possible to obtain these certificates on other platforms, as well as access the certificate for rapid molecular tests.

This certificate is free of charge.

How to access the Covid19 Digital Certificate

- Select "Aceder"
- Choose the box with the certificate you want
- Enter your birth date and SNS user number
- Accept the treatment of your personal data
- Select "Submeter"
- Enter the 8 character code you have received on your mobile phone
- You can download your PDF Certificate.

This certificate will be valid for travel between EU member states, air travel, and soon to attend shows, among other facilities.

Relevant information can be found here:

__________ … vid-da-ue/ … o_n1328162

AstraZeneca vaccine's 2nd dose gap reduced to 8 weeks under revised plan.

People who have had their 1st dose of AstraZeneca vaccine should wait for an SMS or phone call to reschedule their 2nd dose.

__________ … ovid-19-2/ … task-force

Rapid antigen tests (TRAg)

List of pharmacies with rapid antigen test (TRAg) to be paid by the customer.
Approx. 700 pharmacies. … genio.aspx

You should search by the county/"concelho"  ​where you live.


List of pharmacies offering rapid antigen tests (TRAg) for a maximum fee of 10 eur.
Approx. 190 pharmacies. … -gratuito/

This measure is extended for one month (July), possibly renewable, with the aim of intensifying the use of these tests.

This does not apply to users who have the vaccination certificate (with the full vaccination schedule) or the certificate of recovery, nor to those under 12 years of age. 

List of pharmacies here: … ofissional

You should search by county/"concelho" where you live.

Thank you Johnny.

I am not very clear on whether or not fully vaccinated French citizens coming from Portugal going to France need to do an antigenic test (or PCR) or if just a certificated of vaccination is enough to board a plane ?

French authorities recommend to not take their vacation in Portugal but yet when I look at the map, it's considered to be a 'green list' country.

Thank you for your reply.


Hi July,

France - Covid travel rules, EU Digital Covid Certificate, restrictions and measures in place … dex_en.htm

UPDATED ON 23 JULY 2021 … placements

Today, Portugal is on France's green list.
Portugal started the 4th wave first, but it looks like the 4th wave is already all over Europe... :huh:


Yes but from looking at the map, all Europe is still considered 'green'



EU Digital COVID Certificate … ificate_en

Questions and Answers – EU Digital COVID Certificate … DA_21_2781

Travel and covid: rules and restrictions
You can choose an EU country … dex_en.htm

From 9th January 22, the vaccination certificate includes information about 3 doses (with the 3rd dose taken at least 14 days ago).

From 10th January 22, those vaccinated with 3 doses are exempted from negative test to enter into restaurants, hospitals, care homes, events, gyms, ... … e-eventos/

Good to know. Thanks.


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