Buying Land and Building a Tiny House

As I already read a few comments here on the forum.  Do I go by the same procedure if it was a house already built on the property? I would like to find a few reliable and trustworthy builders and to establish a tiny house for me.  Where would I look or find in order to get these plans in place?

Recently, Cindy has bought a property in Central Portugal. In her youtube channel you can see all the process involved she has passed through to realise her life project. This may help anyone who is searching answers in subjects like this one. She will have to do a lot of renewals there.

In one of her videos, she interviews a Portuguese Estate Agent (in english), maybe this can help you in your questions.

I would suggest two other youtube vlogs from expats who now are living in Portugal. The first one also bought a farm and the second one just bought a property without any house and built there a yurt. 

Channel "OK Portugal"
Uk couple who bought a farm near Castelo Branco. They have done a really good work in the pre-existing house and on the farm itself.

Channel "Our Portuguese Homestead"
Eco-sustainable life in the center countryside with a young couple from Netherlands. Please see one of her videos, 6 months ago, called Yurt raising day.

The Yurt is a really good idea, indeed  :)


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Hi please send me price, size and photos as well as location please - thanks Floris