Moving to DK possible job offer

Hello all

I am soon to interview for a Project Coordinator role option for working location could be

Kolding or Esbjerg

My question is if I make 48 K gross in Germany what salary should I ask in DK considering much high cost of living

also what can I expect in rent cost per month in these cities for a 50 SQM apartment

I would say that you cannot let your German pay be translated that way to Danish conditions.

Insted, I suggest to you that you try these two pay indicators:

Regarding the housing prices, take a look at this link which contains several other links.

I also invite you a look at former posts on this forum regarding pay offers.


Hello Nellie

I did checked thoese already but many thanks .

I asked becouse the recruiter asked me how much was my current salary in Germany so I guess she will based on the make an offer or check if what is on offer lines up.

I just wonder. It's my impression that the Danish companies know exactly how much you are worth and will offer you a matching pay.

Good luck,

Yeah I think so

my struggle is since I have offers in the UK and in NL want see where I get the must bang for the buck   :)

It seems that you have very attractive skills and background why you don'tpay need to sell yourself too cheap.

Did the salary websites give you an impression of what to expect the salary will be?

It's my impression (not exact knowledge) that the all-included tax in Denmark isn't higher than the German tax and health care together. Houses are cheaper in Denmark than in Germany, cars more expensive.

Flat rents in London are more expensive than in Denmark (at least before brexit), and the standard lower. However, England has a language advantage.

I take that Denmark has the best work/life balance.


Hello Nellie

the website showing 38K a month I was thinking min 40K DK a month

rent in Germany is 800 all in including all bills internet etc which is great as I am in a very small town

the UK offer is in Manchester which rent will be the same

the NL offer has high rent at 1400 euros all in

DK rents seems lower a bit around 1200 euros all in in the town where office is at

DK has more stable outcome so far but still working out the costs on taxes and groceries

DK seems not so good as rent deposit ae very high compared woth UK and NL one month deposit

Also Dk does seems to have many furnished flats which would be better for me

The pay will of course depend on your personal background, but 38 K - 40 K is in the low end when a company hires an expat. You'll already know that if you have read my former posts here.

Danish flats are normally rented unfurnished, only sublets furnished. Normally 3 months' rent and a similar deposit in advance.

You have asked very broadly, and my answers mirror that. However, if you tell a little more about yourself, background, age, experience, work field, the answers might be more qualified. If you don't want to share this information, you're welcome to send a PM.



3 months rent and 3 months deposit ?

this is insane I never paid more  then  one month deposit and one month rent

that is a bad thing compered to UK and NL and DE

also the options of no funished  apartment is not ideal  but I guess since they come with kitcthen equipment one can get a sofa and a bed in local Ikea or any similar store

Thanks again for all the info

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