What kind of company car

Hi guys!
I will move to Minneapolis for the next three years as a Sales engineer and my company will support me with a company car, respectivly with a „leasing-special payment“.
I will meet customers with that car and do business trips as well as privat tours for about ~400miles around Minneapolis.

In Germany we use company cars like VW Golf, Volvo V60 or Audi A5.
I am more the Pickup and SUV guy.
Is there someone with some experiences with company cars for sales guys?
Is a Pickup/SUV not welcome for business trips in the US, like it is in Germany?
I thaught about a Jeep Wrangler or a Ford Ranger and I have read that these cars are really popular in the US.
Can someone help?

Thank you in advance and all the best!

What type of business is?
What type of customers would you be driving around in it?

Those are popular vehicles the U.S., however both of these vehicles are more masculine, rugged rides. If that fits with your business and clients, then they would be great. If not, perhaps an SUV would be a better, smoother choice.

I am from Minnesota. I used to own a Jeep Wrangler and it wasn't the smoothest riding vehicle. I think it depends on what type of business clients will be riding with you, where you'll be driving, etc.

Why do you not test drive and consider your useage, gas mileage and company policy before making a decision. Read the leasing contract with a fine comb as most have mileage limits which will bring you into the x dollar per mile over the limit zone.

the company car for me BMW anytime, any day...

Since you are in the business of Sales Engineering why not go for a full sized car or an Truck like a GMC Acadia or Toyota Highlander.
They will be very comfortable for long/short distance, since your company is paying for gas it will be ok.


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