Buying and selling property in Brazil

I am Belgian and would like to emigrate to Brazil soon so that I can be with my partner. I am looking at all kinds of possibilities and then I came to the next question. Suppose that after a while I wish to buy a property in Brazil. What are the conditions as an emigrated Belgian? Are there any differences with, for example, a Brazilian who buys something?

I am also looking for the following. Suppose that after a few years we decide to move back to Belgium, is it possible to sell the apartment and invest the money back in Belgium? Or are there any catches in there? I have heard that in some countries the investments you make in that country, have to stay in the country. ie if you buy something and want to sell it, you cannot invest the money in another country. I wonder if this is the same in Brazil?

Thanks for the help!

The first step for a foreigner to buy real estate in Brazil is to obtain a CPF (Individual Tax Payer registration) number at any local Internal Revenue office (for further information access

When buying real estate in urban areas, a foreigner needs to present his or her CPF, passport, proof of residence and birth or marriage certificate (all with certified translations).

When buying real estate in rural areas a foreigner must present, besides the documents mentioned above, proof of residence in Brazil, and the area of the property must not be larger than 50 (fifty) modules, in the continuous or discontinuous area (the size of a module varies according to the location of the property).
The above taken from a site I had saved but I do not have person/company information. (May be copy written)
You will need to establish a resident in BR, You may need a permeant visa or investor visa for such,
If the partner is Brazilian s/he can buy and sell titled in his/her name.

Thank you.

Do you know if I invest in real estate or other, and afterwords I descide to sell, that I can get my money back to Europe? I heard in some countries you cannot take your investments back  out of the country.

Very easy to buy a property because everyone is selling, but very hard to sell. Keep this thing in mind also

Ok thank you!


Very easy to buy a property because everyone is selling, but very hard to sell. Keep this thing in mind also

I found that post interesting, so I took a look.
It seems every estate in in Brazil disagrees with you, but I'm unsure I can remember a time where an estate agent didn't lie to everyone in earshot. The reality seems to be house prices are rising at a painfully slow rate, and the only thing that's making them move at all is a very low interest rate.
This is a guess, so maybe local posters will offer opinions, I suspect there are a lot of owners that want to sell, but can't manage for love nor money - That makes it a buyer's market.
If buying, I would suggest acting as cool as possible, telling the owner you have a lot of places to look at, and you'll get back to them sooner or later.
Depending on their level of desparation, you might well get a bargain.