Remitly Alternative: Paying from USA to a Brazilian Business:

Greetings to you all.

I am in the beginning phase of an apartment remodel.  Because I am using an architectural firm and not a construction company, I am being asked to pay the materials suppliers and laborers directly through their individual companies instead of paying the architectural firm and them paying the entities.  This is for tax reasons on the receivers side.

I currently use Remitly but they are telling me that is not designed to pay companies but only private parties such as friends and families.

I am looking for a couple of options to do this that will not incur high fees or taxes when I transfer the money.  The amount is significant unfortunately so I need to find a method that also has at least a high monthly limit.

I looking for suggestions on good ways to do this.  I do not currently have a bank account in Brazil.

Thank you very much for any suggestions you can provide.

@headshot I hope Remitly has enough customers left after they kick the new ones to the curb because of their rules I too had to pay a lot of vendors to build my house. Too many for Remitly. Good Luck! Fortunately, "A Casa Azul" is built now.

When they cut me off I was trying to move much money to my account in Banco Do Brazil and pay them from there.

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It's a wire transfer, pure and simply. You will have to use Swift. No ifs or buts. 

Both ends will have to have a Banking Code to transfer funds.

People used to resort to "Doleiros",  to buy and sell US Dollars, and wire transfer it for you.  But most Doleiros are black market operations, so you will take some for or risk of them getting busted. 

Whenever you have some Brazilian enclave or ghetto or community America, you could go to a grocery store or travel agency, and they would perform this for you as an agent for a licensed Wire Transfer Bank.

As you may know, even wire transfer outfits in America are required to have a State's Banking License. What they then done  was to enroll representatives ( then your grocery store/ travel agency kind of places ), who would post data entry on your behalf,   Similar to MoneyGram or Western Union , as matter of fact, the very same thing.  These representatives would act as your bank's clerk, and collect a commission per transaction from the Wire Transfer Bank. 

Some of these banks are actually money laundering pits, all too often the FBI has them under investigation. After all, someone has to put up front money for the licenses, and setting up office, recruit dealers.  That should not expose your money.

Oh, by the Way, Western Union is in Brazil.   That's a legit one. 

@sprealestatebroker Sheesh, yes we are going the Grocery Store route we used when I lived in the USA and sent money to my wife in Brazil. Since all the big stuff is paid for, hopefully it won't be large amounts, just filling up my Banco Do Brazil account for appliances and furniture.

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@sprealestatebroker Being psychic I know you are going to guess, so the grocery store is in Gaithersburg on the border of Rockville, MD.

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@roddiesho Just call be Black Market. I am so fed up with transferring money I now have my 21-year-old with full access to my account withdrawing from an atm in the usa and going to the grocery store to send it old school way to me here.

I have tried Wise, Remitly XOOM, and lots of the smaller ones.  There is always a glitch that keeps me from transferring. Argh!

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