Moving Bensheim to Palma de Mallorca

Hi all. Just weighing up costs of moving a three bedroom home from Bensheim, Germany to Palm in Mallorca. Is it cheaper to sell and buy stuff again or cheaper to move lock, stock and barrel. Either way personal items will need to be moved. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

That's sort of a personal decision as well as financial.  Do you really like the furniture you have or are you inclined to replace it?  Maybe there are pieces that fit in one of those categories, and others that fit in the other.

How demanding are you of your furniture?  If you are a picky person, then replacements are difficult to locate and so your existing furniture has a value beyond it's current market value

How "used up" is your furniture now?  If it's all new, that's a different story from something you have had 10-20 years and is on the verge of replacement.

I've found furniture fairly affordable in Spain; however, it's hard to find better quality furniture except at ridiculous prices.  That said, all the "acceptable" quality furniture I've found, at very affordable prices, has worked well.

Good luck and regards

@Rishard Amod If we consider the aspect of possible damage to furniture during the move, then abandoning this idea will not seem bad. No matter how good the packaging is, moving this distance can cause some losses. I would sell anything that doesn't have a lot of personal or commercial value. And I would transport only what is unique or keeps a personal memory for me.