Nursing home in Tehran or Karaj


I am looking for the BEST nursing homes available in Tehran and Karaj.
I live abroad and sadly need to find a suitable place for my dad who is suffering from dementia.

I have had a very difficult time finding information online, so Im hoping to receive some info here.

Thanks in advance!

Hi A,

thank you for your reply.

My father is in his mid 70's and has dementia. I am looking for a center that does not look like a hospital. A place where the staff/nurses will keep him engaged throughout the day with activities and mild physical exercise.  Apart from the Dementia he is in good health and needs to socialize with others . Im not quite sure what to expect in terms of pricing, however I would like to get recommendations on the best centers available in Tehran, and also in Karaj (if any)

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Hi Abdollah,

please share the name of the centers via this chat

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Thank you! very much appreciated

Hi thanks for posting this information
I am also looking for a nursing home for my father. Are these fees weekly or daily fees?


Were you able to find a nursing home for your father?
Unfortunately, I am going through the same thing you are going through, and I am looking for a good retirement home in Tehran.
I would very much appreciate any information.
Thank you!

Please can I get the information with address and contact phone numbers for the nursing homes. I need it for my great uncle in Iran.

Please send me the information .


I saw you post regarding the nursing home for your father and was wondering if you can share your
the names and experience. I'm looking for a nursing home for my mother.

Thanks in advance,

Hello everyone.

I live out of iran.  I  am looking for a very good nursing home in Tehran for my father who lives there.   I saw your post regarding the nursing home for your father and was wondering if you can share your information with me.

Thanks in advance,


I'm new to this site and can't see any replies to people's request. Do I need to click on something I can't see or replies are private?

I am looking for retirement homes in Tehran or near by for my 84 year old mother who needs company and activities with other people.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Many thanks.

@kamsal Hi Kamsal- Did you get any replies or find any options? Looking for something for my grandma, who is in Tehran.

Hello. I am also looking for a list of quality care homes for seniors with early dementia in Tehran for my 87 year old mother-in-law. Any information that anyone could share will be greatly appreciated. Merci.
Did anyone get any information regarding the best nursing homes in Iran? I am not seeing the responses for some reason

@kamsal did you get any info ?