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Hello, i'm looking for a nursing home in Tehran for my mother 91 years old with Alzheimer. I will be coming to Tehran but need help from someone in finding contacts of hospitals. Regards


Parviz92 wrote:

Hello, i'm looking for a nursing home in Tehran for my mother 91 years old with Alzheimer. I will be coming to Tehran but need help from someone in finding contacts of hospitals. Regards

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Hi Parviz
there are some...

1-the future Sbzamyd / Address: East Ninth Street or martyr martyr Afshari Square Park Bani Hashim Jafari's Corner No. 18 groomsman / Director: Maliha Mashhad Reza Khorasani / Postal Code: 1667614814 / Fax: 22978395-122349150

(2) the complainant / Address Ansari K5 P1 / Director: Simin daughter Lamyr / Postal Code: 1661748563 / Fax: 22843163

3-Mrkzshaystgan / Address: East side of Ozgol- Ozgol- P40 / Director: Sh Kazemi / Postal Code: 1696846711 / Fax: 22453075 22447594 22444408

4-Mrkzfrzangan / Address: Iranian Television Transition Town West Faz5Kh B. No. 1799 / Director: Humayun messenger doctor / Postal Code: 1467653746 / Tel: 88080304-88097779

5-Center for Healing / Address: GUI - Kurdistan after Molla Sadra Highway Overpass Bridge by St. Shhydaqa Ali Khani No. 7 / Director: M. Kmjany / Postal Code: 1436955343 / Tel: 88048905-88039959 88037641

6.mrkz usher Seal / Address: - Shariati St., Zafar Ave East Frydafshar-Dvltshad courageous martyr St. streets of P9 / Director: Zahra Fallah heart / Postal Code: 1916913861 / Tel: 2200822622642981 22004188

October 7.mrkz Workers / Address: No. 28 Seventeenth Ave Velenjak / Director: H. al respectable / Postal Code: 1985864749 / Fax: 22401985
22402007-22401984- 22404045 -22400221

8-center alchemy / Address: Pine K. Saadat Abad Square Sena No. 15 / Postcode: 1998665888 / Tel: 220 863

9 October Kian Center / Address: Highway bell tops North K Street XIV P10 / Director: M Mulla Ali Akbari / Postal Code: 1931713455 / Tel: 222 311

10-Center for Scholars / Address: Boulevard St. Damad Mohseni Sq South Razan fence or a little c / 2 Director: Mary Nazerian / Postal Code: 1548945111 / Fax: 22227533

11-Star center / Address: Near to St. Yazdanian St. N. North St., Shariati Ave Khalilpoor No. 10 / Director: M. Arjmndkhvah / Postal Code: 1913933436 / Fax: 22002403 22644891 22640915

12-Mrkzparsayan / Address: Kaj Square in Saadat Abad Ave Allameh Tabatabai East St 18 yards P80 / Director: / Postal Code: / Phone: 22070696

13-Center of Vip / Address: West Town 4_Kh Falamak Far North Second St., P7 / Director: Mrs. Khodabandehlou / Postal Code: 1467714871 / Fax: 88090069 88579431

14-the breeze / Address: Street Address: B Central Africa No. 8 / Postal Code: 1916744381 / Fax: 88781886 88784547

15-songwriter Center Seal / Address: 138 West TEHRANPARS between Rashid and gold No. 51 / Director: Farzana Timurid / Postal Code: 1651766373 / Fax: 77885210-77860997-77885030

16 Russian Orthodox Center / Address: St. martyr doctor got Lane Mercury 2 / Name Director: doctor Karen Rklyan / Postal Code: 1571736411 / Fax: 88301067

17-Center for Jewish Elderly / Address: Front Street, Tehran, Iran Mehr Imam Hussein, the left hand lane Ashqbah P2 / Director: Farah Davarpanah / Postal Code: 1617766611 / Tel: 77554917-77564169

18-center Chylvyans / Address: Street Address: 21 St. martyr Amyrthrany Asadabady SJ No. 32 IU / Director: Ian Goldsmith doctor Rafik / Postal Code: 1433934381 / Fax: 88715191

19-Center of Saint George / Address: Islamic Unity Square Bazrachh Trkhany No. 1 Church Lane Amir blessed dead / Director: Ms. Hartrnyan / Postal Code: 1191913841 / Fax: 55607113

20-Mary Center / Address: St. president Hafez Street, opposite the cinema Alipur worm C. 33 / Director: Ms. Nora Ayshvyy / Postal Code: 11467 / Phone: 33901369

21-Mrkzsvs·h Myrick / Address: Street Address Bharshyraz Lavassani No. 4 / Director: Hldyk Ho Kimi / Postal Code: 1565773911 / Fax: 7531062 77655253

22-Center, Ibn Sina / Address: No. 175 Tulip Ave TEHRANSAR / Director: Maryam Mirza Hussein / Postal Code: 1387915651 / Fax: 44504231 44504062

23-Center of Hope / Address: Spring Lane Hafte-Tir Square Bun No. 11 / Director: Mr. doctor Afjy / Postal Code: 1574717371 / Tel: 88836859-88322040

24-center Salehin / Address: Ave of Ayatollah Kashani Street Light Square St. Pyambrshrqy Sattari No. 70 / Director: Maryam No fairy / Postal Code: 1471843683 / Tel: 44052933-44052794 44052953

25-Tawheed Center / Address: The Unity of Western N. Wilson St., No. 137, after three good / Director: B. Hussein / Postal Code: 1457763183 / Fax: 66942178 66942151

26-center journalist / Address: St. Sattar Khan Street happy, active lane No. 3 / Manager: Seeking License Type / Code: 1456838551 / Tel: 66504457-66512806

27-center of the universe / Address: Street Address tavanir Nizami Ganjavi H c1 relatives / Director: Dktrsanaz Foroughi / Postal Code: 1434773361 / Fax: 88774764 88791290

28-Center Dynamic Seal / Address: Tehran First Circle martyr St. Tarzan No. 131 MN / Director: Dawn blessing / Postal Code: 1651879411 / Fax:

29-center band / Address: S. Smiley St., St. Arasbaran LOL No. 64 / Director: Z. Sugar micro / Postal Code: 1541643911 / Fax: 22880923 22862080

30 Elders Zoroastrian Center / Address: St. Nejatollahi Arak St. No. 13 / Postcode: 1598977811 / Tel: 88803493-88934387

31-Center for Disability and Aging Package / Address: End Kahrizak doctor Hakim Blvd / Director: Mr Sufi race / Postal Code: 1819117536 / Fax: 56522000

32-the blessed / Address: 304 St. No. 143 Municipal Blvd Mehr / Director: Mr. Happy / Postal Code: 31858 / Tel: 3401876

33-center Fatemiyeh / Address: Branch line three walls of the mosque of Imam Reza (AS) / Director: Ms. Qadri / Postal Code: 3156765354 / Tel: 2239258 2231006 2216732

34-center Zrman / Address: Intersection of West Frontier Lala Lala Abad Avenue II No. 12 / Director: J Amini / Postal Code: 3174974841 / Fax: 0261-2823770

35-Center of Praise / Address: Karaj gardens Gardens 10 C. 21 / Director: Fatima Asghar race / Postal Code: 3194663673 / Fax: 4306950

36-Sharif Center / Address: prince road Robatkarim Before Amyryh / Director: Mrs. Field / Postal Code: 3351114873 / Tel: 3642361 3643334

37-the Hadith of Love / Address of St. Saba's doctor heavenly No. 106 / Director: A. Farmer / Postal Code: 335 617 443 / Mobile: 3356117443

38-Center Seal / Address: Village Sfydar Imam No. 59 St. / Tel: 0229-3440166

39-Center Arya / Address: Chndar Rdhh street after street retailer Dairy Pakban / Postal Code: 3365197735 / Fax: 4325507 Code (0262)

40-Center Branch / Address: St. Varamin migrant workers next to library Lane opposite argument Teacher / Director: Majid Emami / Postal Code: 3381847413 / Tel: 0292-2229301 2229302

41-center vertical green tent / Address: Sharif Abad First No. 44 First St. mobilize deadlock / ZIP: 3394147250 / Fax: 3472543 Code (0292)

42-center Parham / Address: Farmaniyeh Iranian Revolutionary Guards Orangery 5 No. 14 / Fax: 22801262 22801195- / Director: Female doctor Ayranchy

43-jeweled Geriatric Rehabilitation Centre City / Address: Mahmudiyah, July St. No. 36 / Type of activity: day care, home boarding / Director: Ms. descendant of the messenger / Tel: 22044911 22047257 22047258

44-the Good / Address: Lower Ninth Parliament of the newly formed No. 8 / Director: Ms. Palh Urban / Tel: 22563183 22565382 / Fax: 22592747 / Postal Code: 1958863353

45 In the center of the park / Address: Tehran Suhrawardi Avenue South, St. climate, Lane N., Fathi Lane, No. 8 / 88417099-88423874 / Management: Sayyid Kamal al-Mousavi
and also you can check this sites out..
(Farzanegan Nursing home )
and aslo you can contact to Mr Mohammad Khodaei (Director of Administration and Finance at Farzanegan Nursing Home)in his linkedin
mayb he could help you.
and this one that is not in List but its a good one,
(Mehre Kian Nursing Home ,Sadr Highway, Tehrān, Iran.)

and I LOVE PARIS .....

Good Luck  :)

Kheily kheily motechakeram! I couldn't dream of having such a list.

Parviz92 wrote:

Kheily kheily motechakeram! I couldn't dream of having such a list.

any time  ;)

Hello sevda11,

WOW !! Such a great post !

A big thanks to you.


Priscilla wrote:

Hello sevda11,

WOW !! Such a great post !

A big thanks to you.


your welcome hun  :)

I know Farzanegan is a good one should be around Shark Gharb

Hi Dear,
I am a Filipino Home Nurse with wide experiences in Home Nursing job in Middle East Country, I dream to work in Iran as Home Nurse. Please read my CV and contact me at my email address: [email protected].

email: [email protected]
MOBILE No. 00639164727862

Home Nurse Filipino Muslim, Teacher Cum Nanny with knowledge in basic Physiotherapy

Working Experiences:
* Home Nurse of a bedridden Pakistani father with insulin maintenance, acupuncture
  therapy, physiotherapy (massage) and observing specific time of medicine  maintenance in
  Abu Dhabi  UAE for 2 years.

*Home Nurse of Mentally Disorder person in Beirut Lebanon for 3 years.

*Nursing Assistant in Hayat Hospital and Fakhri Hospital  Al Khobar (KSA) for 2-5 years,

*Nanny of 3 day old up to 3 years boy with head trauma, esophageal problem, gastrostomy and
  regular suction procedure in Jaddah (KSA) for 3 years.

*Physiotherapist of a boy with Cerebral Palsy in  Abu Dhabi UAE for 1 year (Part time)

*Nanny of triplets baby in AbuDhabi UAE for morethan 2 years (Part time)

In addition, I worked as Marketing Assistant/Secretary of Manpower Recruitment Agency in
Al-Ain UAE , knowledge of basic Computer (MS Office Word, Internet Surfing, Social Networking).

I prepare to work 6 days a week, stay in or stay out, My salary expectation is US$1000  Negotiable. Black and White agreement is a must.

Complete four year Course in Bachelor of Science in Nursing,   Received Certificate of completion   with successful hospital practice & community service at Sultan Kudarat State University, Tacurong Sultan Kudarat, Philippines on April 11, 1990

Complete four year  Course in  Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Home Economics  (BSAHE)  degree  with food and nutrition subjects, practice teaching and more child care units at University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan Cotabato , Philippines on April 16, 1986.

Nationality:..........................Filipino Muslim
Place of Birth:.................... D.O.S. Maguindanao
Date of Birth: .....................September 8, 1968
Height & Weight:................51 and 119 lbs.
Languages:........................English, Tagalog, Arabic
Interest:..............................teacher, nurse, computer
Fathers Name:............... ..Saleh Dalondong Macaalay
Mothers Name.................. Bareya Maslamama Salamat
Marital status:....................Single Parent
Children:........................... Yuseff, Jelanne, Sajed, Shiellah, Ysmael, Razul Richard
Their Address:.................. Apha, Kayaga, Kabacan, North Cotabato

Home Nurse of Bedridden Pakistani Father with head trauma cause of serious car accident.
*Responsible for regular checking of vital sign and body sugar test. 
*Responsible for giving 14 units insulin injection everyday as maintenance every 10:00 pm                                               

*Responsible for the patient bathing on bed every early morning and sponge in the afternoon time, changing diaper as needed. 
*Responsible for cleaning and changing the catheter tube connecting from sex organ of the patient to the urine bag. 
*Responsible for cleaning and changing the tracheal tube every after bathing or as needed and suction as needed, 
*Responsible for giving milk as food from feeding bag using gastrostomy tube.
*Responsible for massage all part of the patient body twice a day with slight twisting and stretching   using body balm or massage oil. 
*Responsible for the application of fine needle for acupuncture therapy on feet and palms of patient.
*Responsible for giving different kind and used of medicines on specific time.
*Responsible for  maintenance of  safe and clean environment inside the patient room.
*Responsible for giving reports and up date about patient condition to the family and family Doctor.

Contract Worker Teacher of Department of Education to teach out of school youth citizen
in the Rural area of Mindanao Region. Teacher of different level learner from basic up to standard learning student. Adult Educationcontract worker hired by DepEd for house to house teaching. Teacher of pregnant and lactating mothers about the importance of good nutrition and sanitation and how to care pregnancy and post natal period. House to house community teacher for livelihood & collaboration project of Department of Education and Department of Agriculture to minority and indigenous family in Mindanao on year 1986 to 1990.

Nanny cum Home Nurse of 3 day old infant to 3 year of age, with head trauma, tracheal infection and gastrostomy dependent. Responsible for daily bathing, changing of diaper, feeding via gastrostomy tube, soft massage, twisting and stretching (basic physiotherapy), suction, giving medicine on specific time, documentation of observation & interaction to medicine for the family and physician concern in Jeddah KSA on year 1997 to 2000.

Care Taker cum Home Nurse of mentally ill 52 years old person with high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Received and follow instruction from the doctor, medicine maintenance of patient in a very specific time and ways. Documenting the behavior and activities of the patient. Time to time reporting via telephone to the Doctor and family as well. Listing all needs of patient like medicine , food and others for immediate supply from family at Hariri Compound, Beirut Lebanon on year 2000 to 2003.

Nursing Assistant in ward 7 that most patients are family of ARAMCO personnel with 58 beds. Assisted in collaborative between Nurses, Social Workers, Nutritionist, Psychologist. Ensure a safe and therapeutic environment for patients. Maintaining the safe and clean environment inside the patient room. Coordinated patient education, serving as liason between patients, families, physicians and other health care units, Participating hospital training and nursing staff activity at Dr. Fakhry & Al-Mouhawis Hospital in AlKhobar, KSA on year 2003 to 2011.

1) Ex Mayor Luzviminda J. Tan Director of Asian Institute Kabacan Cotabato Mindanao
2) Ms. Josephine Rasheed Superior of Shkh Khalipa Hospital Abu Dhabi, U A E

I hereby certify that the fact contained in this Curriculum Vitae is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


I suggest that you post your CV in the jobs section of the forum which is located in the green banner at the top of this page.

Stumpy, thank you for your suggestion...



Hi! Thank you for your amazing list! Do you have any recommendation for the best most carrying elderly home for a 90 year old woman in Tehran? Somewhere they take care of them like their own mother and fathers?
Hi Rachel,

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