New members of the Switzerland forum, introduce yourselves here - 2021

Hi all,

Newbie on the Switzerland forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Switzerland if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello everyone,

My name is Patrick, 34 years old and I have moved to Switzerland recently.
I have lived in the Netherlands for just over 34 years. During my last job in the Netherlands I  became an operator for a process called high speed laser cladding, the company I worked for was the very first in Europe to use this new process. I worked with this process for nearly 5 years in the Netherlands.
A Swiss company called Oerlikon Metco approached me and asked me if I had any interest in working for them as they just ordered a high speed laser cladding machine for R&D purposes and they wanted to have an experienced technician.
After a meeting and a series of talks I signed the contract and moved here. The Corona virus hasn't made it easy as both the new machine and my arrival was pushed back several months.

After some time I got offered a contract and I was able to get myself a car to drive around Switzerland and see all the nice places the country has to offer.
Right now my girlfriend is also arranging things to be able to move to Switzerland so we can be together again. Switzerland is great! After one month I found an apartment in Waltenschwil and I love to go out and do some mountainbiking, snowboarding and hiking. The Swiss people are also very kind and helpful so far, and the Swiss mentality is much better than the Dutch mentality.

Staying here indefinitely is something I wouldn't mind at all.

Hello my name is Derrick Newbill, I am a married father of two. I have a beautiful wife and a boy two years old and a girl 4 months old. I am a skilled industrial maintenance mechanic at Ingalls Shipbuilding where I have held many job titles all in the mechanical field.. I am also currently beginning a pursuit of a construction management degree albeit a little late becomes I am 37 years of age. I live in the southern United States and am casually exploring moving abroad, the political strife in this country has become too much for me to ignore and I would like to go to more peaceful surroundings to raise my kids and enjoy my life with my family. I may never be able to do this but it never hurts to explore the idea.. Thanks all...

I'm new too.  My dad was born in Lucerne and I'm trying to get back there because of the political climate here too

Am Charles from Uganda Africa have been studying about Switzerland all over my studies as a geographer am really interested to work in Switzerland, I have my passport ready but am seeking for the assistance to travel and the work, am an orphan who lost all parents but struggled to complete my Uganda Advanced certificate of education, am aged twenty two and single by status I will be happy when there's some one to consider my request. Thank u may God bless u comrades!!!!!!

Im Loide and i live in Namibia, im seeking for a volunteering opportunity in humanity and nature to volunteer in Switzerland to explore,learn and experience the different environment, people and  culture. If intrested in volunteers im up for that anytime.....


My name is Rasem Kamal... I am an architect from Jordan, moved to Basel in 2016, after studying in the united states...

I just found about this website last month! happy to connect with you guys.



My name is Alysha Walker, I am going to be 30 next week and have decided to open up my 30s by moving to Zurich! I currently live in LA, and although I travel to Switzerland often for family, I have never lived there!! I'm overwhelmed, excited, and scared all at the same time :)

My passion is people, culture, beauty/fashion, travel. I am a hairstylist based in LA with a big fashion influence, and am looking to have my own space in Zh city for my new clients! Here is my work if you are interested & ig : @littleefforts .

So excited for this new adventure and meeting new people <3


wow!! a geographer sounds like so much fun!! Hope you enjoy CH! :)

Hello everyone,
My name is Asha Tewari and recently arrived in Geneva from India. I will be living here for another three years with my husband and son, 10 year old, going to Int'l School of Geneva.
Things are not complicated here and trying to settle down.


I am looking forward to find a job in Agriciltural sector and if possible to move to Switzerland 🇨🇭.
I'm already working in the Agricultural sector, but I'm eager to see new horizons.

Hi all of you how ru please can help me i want job swisrland any body can help me my name is ramesh from india i am indestrial mechanical techanicen mulity technicen

Hello there,
My name is Tracey and I have been in Lausanne now for a week!
I'm used to living and working in different countries but this is the first time I have relocated because of my husband's job.....
Honestly, everything feels just a tad overwhelming at the moment but the spectacular views help compensate for that!
Have the glorious task of unpacking our shipment that arrives tomorrow but after that, really looking forward to meeting some new people and getting out and about a bit.

Hi my name is Nicole. I lived In Fribourg as a child. (Close to Lausanne)  My dads job had us living in Switzerland for almost 12 years. Ever since then i have always wanted to move back to Switzerland but not sure how. We moved back to Texas 30 years ago. Hopefully one day my dream if moving back will come true.
Nicole Alexander

My name is Elitsa. I moved to Switzerland in 2019 for work and I am based in beautiful Lausanne. I love photography and traveling and my new passion is exploring Switzerland:) If you are searching for travel inspiration for Switzerland (and not only), you can check my blog Life Tasting which is accessible also from platform. If you have ideas about interesting places in CH, just send me a note- I am also looking for inspiration :)
Cheers, Elitsa

  I am Nirmal, I am 27 years old.  One of my childhood hobbies was going to Switzerland.  I am currently studying in Barcelona, ​​Spain.  I like to come to Switzerland for college vacation and pick fruit.  If possible help someone I know to make my dream come true.  I'm a student.  I can also pick any fruit or work on a farm. Support if you can.  I can speak Japanese normally.  Ability to speak more English.  Spanish can be spoken a bit.  *
  Thank you

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Hi, and welcome to Geneva. I’ve just retired and have returned to live in my French home in the Pays de Gex, at the outskirts of Geneva. I’m separated and keep busy working on my home and garden, cooking and hiking in the area and would be interested in joining a walking or hiking or cycling group to keep fit and meet new friends. I also enjoy traveling, dancing and diving.  Any tip from your end on how to reach the above mentioned objective will be highly appreciated. Kind regards and I look forward to hearing from you, D.

Hi,how are you I'm back in Geneva awhile already nice to read your message, good retirement I hope I'm in back in Geneva my number is *** fauziah benetti, look forward to hear from you

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Hello Dear. I'm professional Classical Violinist. I'm married,and I have 2 children. My wife is also professional Classical Pianist. Both of us are very interested to work in Switzerland (Basel).

Hi , I am Viorel , I am a Romanian,  60 yrs old , but looking  50! I would like to get a job in the Hospitality Business ,  in Switzerland  For 1 or 2 years.  I Speak Romanian as the native language , English C1 ,  Italian B1 and German & French A2. As my family needs support back home in Romania I do need a job to help it.
I was a scholarship student for summer courses  in 1992 at the famous Glion Institute of Higher Education, in Glion sur Montreux, Region Vaudoise. At that time it was called Centre International de Glion...

Iam talal taha 39 years old from Sudan i have a wife now we are currently in Egypt i was working sanitary waresales representatives and Philippine embassy as a interpreter in KSA after that I worked in samsa express as a delivery representative.

i just one to ask if i have opportunity to travel you can guide me into my journey,thankyou.

no I’m living in United Arab Emirates.

hello im a master carpenter contractor
tell me about you

Good day sir,   

I just went for holiday last 2015 in switzerland, and i really fell in love with that country. Its my dream to live and work their. I saw your message that seems you have a job to offer, Would you help me find job their. I am currently unemployed and broke due to pandemic. It will be a big help for me and my family if you will consider me. Hope to hear from you soon.thank you!

Good evening to the whole community, we are French and went to visit our son this summer in Switzerland who is doing his master's internship there. We were captivated by the landscapes, the way of life of the Swiss. We already knew a little about this country having lived in a French department bordering Switzerland a few years ago. I do not know if it is the Covid crisis that has happened there but in recent months we have had a click and wish to privilege our quality of life. We want to change our life, we are respectively 48 and 51 years old. Due to our age, do we have a chance to find a job in Switzerland? I know that a work permit must be obtained either by a promise of employment or by proof of a work contract. My husband works in elevators, he was also an electrician and we also ran businesses on behalf of French supermarkets. As far as I'm concerned, for 5 years since I left large-scale distribution, I became a nursery assistant with a diploma in early childhood. Here I am looking for leads, advice to find out which sites publish job offers. I read on a Swiss article, that it was necessary to go through recruitment firms, or networking. Maybe for my husband, but I don't think it works for me in early childhood. I would also like information on taxation how does it work in Switzerland? Is it in our interest to live in France and make the trips every day? Thank you in advance for all your advice, Good evening Odile

Hi all,

My name is Vittoria
At thé moment I am living in thé Netherlands But i want to move to Geneva switzerland..

I always worked in hotels (hospitality) and for the last 5 years I work as a Customer care advisor. Dutch is my mother tongue and I speak English and I am learning French.

I would love to do administrative/assistant work in a school or company. I am open to suggestions. For any tips or opportunities please contact me!


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Hey guys,

I’ve just moved to Zurich from the UK with my girlfriend. She’s studying on her year abroad and I’m hoping to find work as a Chef to allow me to stay here for the year with her!

If anyone knows of any opportunities then I would let me know!

Hope everyone is well.


Hi Tracey,

How is your process of settling into Lausanne going? I moved here about 1 year ago from the US. So you speak French, or are learning? I'm learning French.  Would you like to meet up sometime for a coffee or tea, and maybe even practice French?


Hello all Recently moved here after a lifetime as a teacher. Love being able to walk out the door and be in nature/agricultural land on foot or by bike immediately. Now kicking back and looking about to see what are the opportunities for change. I look at the vineyards every day now and think back to when I was a grape picker as a teenager and, like the character in American Beauty, if I should embrace the change and ask my neighbour for a job! They say change is good so being patient and optimistic.

Hello all of you how are you? My name is Talent Mutasa a Zimbabwean by birth and I'm currently living there. I have a Diploma in Education. Please can you help me find a job in Switzerland, I'm looking for a Nursery Nurse position and housekeeping, housemaid, babysitter or childcare or caregiver job will be preferably. any body can help me. I 'm very willing to relocate to Switzerland anytime/anywhere as I am not working right now and urgently need a job abroad.
Many thanks to you all.

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