New members of the Japan forum, introduce yourselves here - 2021

Hi all,

Newbie on the Japan forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Japan if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello! I have  been living in Australia for 11 years now and i am planning to move to japan in April to study, so pretty happy yo connect, meet new friends and see if anyone has tips for my next big step ;)

Hello RobertaZuccarello,

Welcome to, and thanks for introducing yourself :)

Please note that I have moved your introduction post to this thread since your plan is to move to Japan.

Since you're now on the right forum, feel free to ask for expat-related advice by creating new threads on the Japan forum.

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Hello I am Naveena. I have been teaching English in the lovely Salalah in southern Oman near Dubai for the past 5 years. Now I would really like a new challenge, so I am looking into a move to Japan which is one of my favourite cultures and of course cuisines.

hello , im najwa 38 years old , planning to move to live in japan this year ..

Hello najwa2021,

Welcome to  :cheers:

Could you please tell us more about you?

Where are you from?

Have you been to Japan before?



hi ; how are you cheryl , im from morocoo , and never have been in japan graduated from medical university in russia so im speaking also russian language ..

Hello, my name is Somit Vishwakarma and I am from India. I love Japanese culture and I hope to come to Japan in the future.

I am a developer, designer, and SEO expert in MailsDaddy Software.

Thanks for the Expat.

hi, Im  Kash, born in  South Africa, origin from Malaysia.

Im an esl teacher.

I am planning to come to Japan in the future.

Any tips would be welcome.

Hello guys

My name is EMMANUEL ANIJAH I'm 27 years old, I am from NIGERIA  originally, I plan on relocating to Japan , I really would love to know more about Japan, expecially on their way of life,  Economy, politics

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm a prospective ALT waiting to move to Japan whenever it opens up. ESL teacher who previously taught in Vietnam. 29(M) from the States.

Hi! I'm Belle, 26 years old.

In love with Japan even through photos only and looking forward to visit/stay/work there in the future.  :heart:

Hello! I'm Cumi, and I hope to move to Fukuoka from the States with my husband and four-year-old daughter as soon as Japan reopens. (Our plane tickets, which we purchased long ago, are for the beginning of August, but I'm sure that we'll need to reschedule.)

I'd love to get in touch with others who have made a similar move and/or any expats who are in Fukuoka!


Hi, I am a professional Hotelier with 28 years experience in the industry. My childhood dream is japan and managed to visit once. dreaming to have a fresh start in Hotel / Food and beverage industry.

I am permanent resident in japan at present staying abroad I can help you to stay and support your family through interpretation  and travel help your family in all ways one request from my side his to provide me with flight ticket ,
Thanking you,

Hello all.  I'm a retiree with a Japanese wife.  We plan on moving back to my wife's home town to take care of her parents in Iwate in a couple of years.  We've been back to visit a couple times over the years and I have a pretty good lay of the land there.  I'm not actively working for work, just an opportunity to meet some like minded people that wouldn't mind hefting a pint or two were out paths to cross in Japan.

Hello Julien,

Looks like you've settled in pretty well - so I'm sure you'd be a good man to know.
I enjoy living overseas, since there could be nothing worse than a Sydney winter.

I hate the idea of paying rent and since I've already spent lots of time in Kyoto, that's it for me.
But before doing the rounds of real estate agents, I need to know the ropes.
Which is to say the people I will need to deal with - and hopefully speak with in English.

So any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated


Parispete2,  here are some links that has some info on home purchasing. … er-webinar … and-taxes/

Both of this links came from

I am living in Fukuoka with my Japanese wife.  We hope to purchase a home here later this year.

@Bill1962 , have you heard about akiya properties in Japan?

To the best of my knowledge, it seems there are more that 10 million of unoccupied or abandoned properties in Japan, and the number is growing rapidly. Most of those properties are not in the oficial akiya bank, so people have to hunt the properties and also their owners. The hassle  doesn't stop there though, since after you find an akiya that could be in good conditions and for a good price you will then have to do all the paper work on your own, mostly, because real state companies don't work with those kind of properties.

I'd be very much interested in hearing your opinion.

Yes I have, but have not looked at any.  I love the older architecture as most have beautiful carved woodwork inside, but they would require a complete remodel I think.  Something to think about.

What I've heard is that Japanese people prefer new homes. Superstition might play an important role too, for instance if the owner passed away in the property. Also their children might not want to inherit the property to avoid paying maintenance fees and taxes. All that add up so that there are high demand for new houses, with more and more properties becoming akiya every  year. The result is that it's posible to find akiyas in very good conditions for very cheaply.


Thank you so much for the welcome, I'm offering My Tefl services to teach English online to Japanese students.

Hi I am Evan
I am Brazilian actually half japanese and i live in Japan .
I am working with commodities .trying to be the best at what i do and i think the foreign community in japan should come together to exchange ideas , hold events where we can see what we can all do for us .Living in japan is not easy for anyone, I say as a foreigner and even let's be honest whether I'm an expat or not, the opinions don't change, but what's good is being able to come across such a website where we can exchange information or get basic information that we need in our day to day.Well I wish everyone who lives here like me the best! Lets make a difference today !

I am Devindi karunarathna from Sri Lanka . I am currently working as a government English teacher here.I hope to come to the Japan because I love japanese culture  and the beauty of the country .But I don't have any friends or anyone. I am searching job opportunities also. If anyone can help me i would be more grateful .

I am french, 35 years old living at toyko. more or less fluent in english and japanese.
I arrived just before covid restriction, in february 2020.
Since that, I work a lot, spend lot of time with kids (and that is fine), but I want/need to have fun with friends.
I know good place to go, during the days (with or without family) AND during the night :)

My hobbies are very various : video game, alcool, travel, book, cook, chess, soccer, judo, boxe.



My Name is Roderick Garrison currently I live in Las Vegas Nevada USA retire from the US military after 34 years, single looking forward to starting a new life. I was stationed in Japan for a couple of years during this time and fell in love with the country and the people. I volunteered to teach conversational English in (Little Tokyo) Las Angles California for a couple of years. I have a BA and an MBA. I have extensive and varied fields of training and duties both military and civilian. From logistical, operations, hazmat, environmental, safety, administration, security, management, instructional, support, control, supervisory, both CONUS and ECONUS of the USA. I would like to find a position or job where I may utilize and share my experience and knowledge and make a living there making a new home and life. Would anyone have any idea or suggestions that could help me or set me in the right direction to proceed I would be more than grateful!

Thank you

Hi, all!
I'm a highschool student that plans on attending college in Japan.

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