Cheap apartments for rent in Riga, Oldtown

I would like to offer my apartments for rent in heart or Riga, in Oldtown.
one bedroom+livingroom(2 rooms total) apartment prices starts from 45 euro per night
and two bedroom+livingroom(3 rooms total) apartment 65euros per night
I can send photos!
My e-mail: ***

hi , i am kevin i am thinking of comming to latvia for 6 months to visit, but paying 45 euros a night for 1 month is a lot

how much for a month

katrin, how much per month for your appartment

how come no replies?

If you need some advice to get cheap apartments in Latvia! Please write to me!

Hotel "Baltic Suites" offers affordable great apartments (  :)


I will be in Riga on September 13, 2023 and want to rent a room for 2 months.

How much will it cost me. Please let me know. You can reach me on


Thank you.

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@dnanakofi2 hello and welcome !

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