Best online resources for planning to retire overseas?

I am just starting my journey to retire and move overseas in year 2032, twelve years from now *(yes, I am a planner!)
I want to live in Europe, and my current focus right now is Portugal and Spain.
The reason I want to retire overseas is because I love to travel, I love Europe, and I have friends and family in Europe.   I expect to have a moderate retirement income, and my dream is to live in a non-touristy area at the beach and wake to an ocean view every morning!

Can folks people please share with me their best go-to websites for planning to become an expat (i.e. retire overseas, places in Portugal, Spain, etc.)?  I know this site is top of the list, but are there other online resources on how to be an expat, and retire overseas?  Facebook, etc.?

Thank you so much!


I'm a planner, too.  :) 

I started researching and planning our move to Spain in 2013 with a 2021-2022 target to move.  I knew our goal was Spain because I had studied at the University of Madrid and have wanted to return since leaving (I spent a few months convincing my husband that was *his* goal, too LOL).

Since, for us, it wasn't a matter of where, we stuck to google street view to narrow down which city we most felt attracted to.  Once that was determined, it was easy to search for informational sites based on the city name(s) we most preferred.

I would suggest you may want to start with the global view of Spain and Portugal on [url=[at]38.4394237,-4.0236991,7z]Google Streetview[/url] and start narrowing down from there.  We looked at many, many cities in our target region (Andalusia) and found the one that touched our hearts immediately.

You may want to consider that process to start, then look at resources more specific to whatever country/province/city/village touches your heart.

Best of luck to you!

I am very excited for you!  You must be really excited now that your move is just around the corner!ais when I move to Europe (Spain, Portugal, Croatia), rent at least the first year.  Then if I want to move around, I will have that flexibility.  I am not planning to move anything but the clothes on my back. 

There are a lot of things to consider, so I am glad I have 12 years to plan!  ha ha.  One big one is how to 'move' to a state that has no state tax.  I have decided I can't escape Federal tax abroad, but I think I can avoid state tax! 

I also subscribed to International Living magazine, and this also gives me access online to all their previous monthly magazines.

good luck.

Hey, Johnny.
good luck with your move.
hope it all works out well for you.
Best regards

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