Dog friendly houses near ISKL in a safe community

I had two questions actually...
1. Opinion about ISKL
2. Housing options near ISKL - dog friendly area preferably villa compounds, if any, in a safe locality near the school.


Why don't you contact an agent. They will tell you all the places that are suitable in the area you are looking and can check for you if the condo welcomes dogs or not.

By the way, if you are also considering moving into a condominium, as far as I remember, if the condo has it's own rules that forbid pets such as dogs, the Strata title Act supersedes it, and the Stat Title Act allows owners and tenants to keep a dog as long as it doesn't cause a nuisance by yapping and annoying the neighbours. If it does cause a nuisance then the neighbours can call DBKL who will handle the matter.

But for villas and house, which there are quite a lot on that area near Jalan Ampang Hilir and Jalan U Thant. So I suggest using an agent to introduce suitable properties for you.

Yes we are looking at villas as ours is a big dog and she is not really suited for condos... will get in touch with agents... but I would like to be familiar with the places before I start... any suggestions on that?

Also general opinion of parents from iskl would be really appreciated!!

Not really familiar with the area as far as  houses or villas are concerned although I passed through that part of KL quite often as I own a couple of condos on Jalan Ampang, (they are not dog-friendly or child friendly).

There are a lot of old and large houses in that specific area, and I know there are a few low rise apartments, some old and some new, especially down behind Great Eastern Tower as well as on the other side of Jalan Ampang behind the French and Thai embassies.

Sorry no experience with ISKL.

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