COVID-19 Exposure Tracking/Logging

Repost from information shared by Cynic, UK & Netherlands Expert:

Last week, a worldwide update was applied to all Android and iPhones.  Basically, a COVID-19 exposure tracking/logging is added to our phones. If you have an Android phone, go under Settings, then Google settings and it's there. If you have an iPhone, go to settings, privacy, then health.

The tracking/logging only works via an app, which you can enable or ignore.

Sure enough, it's on my I-phone, probably a result of last week's update, but turned off.  But clicking on it which shows COVID-19 Exposure Logging says I can't turn on Exposure Logging until I have an authorized app.  So probably safe as long as I don't download an app.  They just installed the framework but not the app.

There is a wiki page that lists the current nations who have developed an app to work with the phones; this link will take you there.

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