APPLYING Permanent Residency in BRAZIL - currently on WORK VISA 2 yrs

Hi Everyone,

I have started this thread to know more about the process for converting my work visa to Permanent Residency.
Below is my current situation:

1. I have a work permit and a job in Brazil and the VISA (CRNM) is valid till September.
2. I Have my wife as dependent with me with same validity date of CRNM.
3. We have a newly born baby in Brazil and based on his condition, we want to take the permanent residency.
4. Currently I am staying in Sao Paulo city.

I need to get the below answers  to start the process and I also post my experience and my followed process in each activity to help others

1. Where I can find the details about the permanent residency process, about where to apply etc.
2. Which all documents I need to provide for this process. A check list.
3. Which all document required to do the translation and legalisation before to present to immigration .

With the above doubts, I am starting this thread, I will keep post all my experience to help others. I searched many forums here but didn't get my answers completely.



What you need is all laid out here: … o-familiar

Your child, when s/he is born, will be the "Chamante".

Since you and your wife already have CRNMs as a result of your employment visa, some of the document requirements may be waived, at the discretion of the Federal Police.

Thanks Abthree, I was going through other post where someone suggest to hire a service provider which help to get those document, but it seems too much costly. As I’m living in brazil more than 1.8 years and can communicate intermediate Portuguese, I think I should go my own with the help of this forum.

So I have started preparing my documents and will post what all documents I have doubts based on the URL of POLÍCIA FEDERAL.

Attached the link of proposal. Please check this cost is 5 times the original fee of government services for residency.

I agree.  With intermediate Portuguese, your own legal status, and your baby's birth certificate, you should be able to handle this for yourselves.  There's not much that these people could do for you except wait in line, and that's a lot to pay for line-waiting.

Ha ha! It´s really funny when you and your wife presents your little brasileiro to PF - your chamante. The poor little guy has a very big responsibility already!

Just to remind you that when you fill up the online SISMIGRA form below for residency authorization,  change the language to Portuguese by clicking the button at the upper right corner or you may get an error message at the end after all the work. And also on-line PF forms are calibrated for Internet Explorer browsers. If you use other browsers you may also receive an error message at the end of the paperwork. … 073_inst_0

When you print you will see the colorful seal of the Policia Federal. Bring this with the rest of the paperworks needed, your wife and your powerful Brasileiro! Smooth riding!


Thanks Abthree and Robal, wonderful guys with a lot of information to help us.. just to start the process, here what I understood about the process, based on that I’ll start the document preparation.

1. I have read the URL … o-familiar, WHICH indeed help me to understand the process.

2. I will prepare this document as per this below URL Documentation, which I got from the above mentioned url in point 1.

3. I’ll fill the form at this url Form and as explained take the print with the above mention documents.

4. With all the above documents and payment slip as mentioned , I need to take this to PF office near my address that is LAPA in São Paulo city.

Question :-
1. Can I do an appointment for the visit, I didn’t find this option to do in this site for residência?
2. I need to fill two complete different form for me and my wife. Right ?
3. To do the payments, do I need to mention something or just pay by code two time for me and my wife.
4. With the protocol can I leave brazil for a vacation and come back in a month or two? Will immigration will allow me to enter brazil with that protocol or should I wait for plastic card before leaving brazil for a vacation ?

I’ll start the process for preparing documents and more queries will come to help me and others.

Thanks 😊

meet_me_india :

4. With all the above documents and payment slip as mentioned , I need to take this to PF office near my address that is LAPA in São Paulo city.

Question :-
1. Can I do an appointment for the visit, I didn’t find this option to do in this site for residência?
2. I need to fill two complete different form for me and my wife. Right ?
3. To do the payments, do I need to mention something or just pay by code two time for me and my wife.
4. With the protocol can I leave brazil for a vacation and come back in a month or two? Will immigration will allow me to enter brazil with that protocol or should I wait for plastic card before leaving brazil for a vacation ?

1. I'm not sure what the procedure at Lapa was before the pandemic, but it's certainly different now.  Your best bet is to call them and ask them how to proceed.
2. Yes, you are each applying, so I believe that you need two applications.  You want to do everything together, though, at the same time.
3. If I remember correctly, you pay by code, and after that, all you need is your proof of payment for each application.
4. Ask  the Federal Police about this when you apply.  The answer will certainly be affected by whatever border closures are in effect when you receive your Protocolos.  If they say anything less reassuring than, "Yes, no problem!", I wouldn't risk it -- I'd wait for the card.

Thanks Abthree, I will follow your instruction, meanwhile I have started preparation of documents and going to ask some doubts regarding documents preparation as per mentioned URL, so that I can be ready with all documents.

Regarding no 3 in the document list - "Declaração de endereço eletrônico e demais meios de contato (anexo XIX da Portaria Interministerial nº
3/2018), preferencialmente acompanhada de cópia simples de comprovante de residência;
", they have a url mentioned to fill the form. What should I need to do ? Just take a print for this page, fill the details and do a conhecimento do assinatura ?

Regarding no 7  in the document list
"Certidões de antecedentes criminais ou documento equivalente emitido pela autoridade judicial
competente de onde tenha residido nos últimos cinco anos;"
, I have 2 doubts, as I have explained that I have CRNM valid till sept 2020,  do I need to get the criminal certificate from my country INDIA, if yes I will get that in English here in embassy at SP.
a) Since this certificate from INDIA will be in ENGLISH, I think that I need to apostile it under HAUGE convention in BRAZIL itself,  post a translation with SWORN translator in SP, Brazil.
b) For criminal record certificate in Brazil , I need to go through this site to generate it online and it will be valid ?

Hope this post is too longer for the two documents doubts. I will stop here, and make next post for other documents doubts.
Thanks for your wonderful support  :)

Continuing with the above post..

Regarding no 8 in document list "Declaração, sob as penas da lei, de ausência de antecedentes criminais em qualquer país, nos cinco anos anteriores à data da solicitação de autorização de residência;" What I need to do is take a print of this page at given URL fill the data and do the conhecimento do assinatura, right ?

Regarding no 11 in document list Declaração, sob as penas da lei, de que o familiar chamante reside no Brasil; What should I need to present for this point.

Regarding no 12 in document list Documentos que comprovem a dependência econômica, quando for o caso; Here do I need to prove this ?

Regarding no 13 in document list   Comprovante do vínculo de união estável entre o requerente e o brasileiro ou imigrante beneficiário de autorização de residência; What document I can provide here ?

Regarding no 14 in document list Declaração conjunta dos cônjuges ou companheiros, sob as penas da lei, a respeito da continuidade de efetiva união e convivência; Here they provided a document Do I need to fill it and I don't understand in last line of this document says "Assinatura da testemunha (reconhecida por semelhança ou autenticidade) " ? I am confused here.

Regarding no 15 in document list documentos que comprovem a tutela, curatela ou guarda de brasileiro, quando for o caso. I think this will not be in my case, right ? I do not need this document.

Thats all. Thanks for everyone to help here.. Once I have all clarification done and my document is ready I will post detail of what document i have prepared before going to Policia Federal.

No. 3 -- proof of address is an electric bill, a water bill, a telephone or Internet bill, a boleto for your rent or condominium payment, a lease:  any document that shows your name or your spouse's name, and your current address.  "Cópia simples" means that the copy does not need to be authenticated in a cartório.  You just need to show them the original, and leave a copy for their files.

No. 7.  If you have not left Brazil since you applied for your current CRNM, the Polícia Federal may still accept your original criminal background check from India:  I would ask about that before obtaining a new one, unless they're easy to obtain. 
For the Brazilian federal background check, the site you reference looks correct.  You'll also need a background check for the State of São Paulo:  Google "Antecidentes criminais São Paulo" to find the equivalent site for the state.  It should also be available online.

No. 8  Yes -- it can't  hurt.

No. 11 -- Your child is an infant:  the birth certificate should be sufficient, with your proof of address.

No. 12 -- Your child is an infant:  the PF will assume that s/he is your dependent.  No further documents should be necessary.

No. 13 -- N/A  You're not applying on the basis of a stable union.

No. 14 -- N/A Same as #13

No. 15 -- the birth certificate is all the proof you'll need

When dealing with the Polícia Federal, the objective is always to answer all of their questions, and not to raise any new questions.  Handing over documents that do not apply to your case can cause someone to ask, "why are they giving us this?", and slow down the process until they get an answer.  I've always had good results by presenting exactly the documents requested, and holding any extra documents in reserve to present if requested, and to not mention them otherwise.  If they ask for a document you don't have, make sure to understand exactly what they want, then get it and bring it back to them.

Yesterday, I went to PF Lapa Sao Paulo office to see if they are working normal and to discuss if they are processing the residency as in the site it was written only emergency services.
I explained them and they gave me list of document as same as the above documentation URL, and ask me to come directly with the kid and they will make my entry as preferencial.
I am preparing documentation, as some difficulties to get the Antecedentes Criminais na base de dados do IIRGD for SP, as I have CRNM the site  is not accepting it. Can pls guide me how can I get this as describe above the Antecedentes Criminais for the Sao Paulo state ?

I just went to the request form.  Please see this note:

"Importante: Preencha todos os campos exatamente como se encontram na sua Carteira de Identidade (RG).
O dígito de controle, após o Número do RG, é de preenchimento obrigatório. Se na sua Carteira de Identidade não constar o dígito de controle após o Número do RG, informamos que, os serviços de emissões presenciais estão suspensos em virtude do Decreto Estadual 64789/20 (Calamidade Pública). Excepcionalmente, o I.I.R.G.D. oferecerá o serviço via e-mail em algumas situações, as quais poderão ser informadas através do link abaixo fale conosco"

You'll need to send them an email through the link on the form, since the CRNM number has a different format from the RG.

Yes Abthree, I did send this email to them requesting the document. It's more than a week and I am waiting a reply from them.

Hi abthree and Robal,

I got the criminal certificate from sao Paolo state too. I have asked for PCC from Indian embassy which told will take one month is it will come from India. Do you think if the Indian PCC will be mandatory even I have valid crnm and didn't left Brazil since I entered.

Another point, do I need to translate my passport to Portuguese? If yes first and last page right?
Somewhere I have read that I need to get a authenticated copy of passport ( all pages) from cartório? Is that right?

Unless you've been in Brazil for five or more unbroken years,  you'll still need your Indian PCC; even if you have, the Federal Police may still require it.
You should not need to have your passport translated:   this is the one big exception to the rule on Sworn Translations.  In spite of this, people occasionally have reported here that translations were demanded.
You will, however, need to provide a copy of the complete passport,  not just the ID page.  Check the PF checklist regarding the passport:  if it doesn't say "cópia autenticada", assume that they'll accept a normal copy.  You can always have it authenticated after the fact if they insist.

Thanks then I'll wait for the Indian PCC which I have applied and they told it will take a month to 45 days. Not sure if the time permits as my CRNM expired on 30 sep.

Regarding passport thanks for information, I have all page copies ready for passport. Just was thinking for authentication in cartório. I'll read the instructions again and then will take only what they demand.

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