Pizza Hut in Salinas?

Hey everyone, just heard there is a Pizza Hut at El Paseo and another near the San Lorenzo church (used to be a Telepizza)

Who owns these? Same person ? Different people? Surprised as franchises not big there.

Any info appreciated

Pizza Hut is owned by Yum Brands of Louisville, Kentucky which is:
Pizza Hut,
Taco Bell,
The Habit Burger Grill

As far as local franchising rights in Ecuador, I don't know.

Telepizza is a Spanish company.  They have been operating in Ecuador since 2012.  In late 2018 they bought the Pizza Hut operation in Ecuador, bringing their total locations to 61 under various names in Ecuador according to these articles: … uador.html … b4603.html

Right around the corner from us in Salinas, but across the street is Marios-
good Pizza, and friendly locals own it!

Greetings, pizza lovers...

Pizza Hut has long been known for serving up thick and greasy pizza.

So reports The Healthy Eating Guide website.

The website has some concepts for dining at Pizza Hut for maximum healthy eating.

Among the better ideas IMO are drinking water and eating a salad at the Hut before starting in on the pizza .. and eating a maximum two slices per person.

The same site tells about a Fit 'n Delicious menu that is available at Pizza Huts.  Whether such a menu (En Forma y Delicioso, quizás) is available at Ecuador Pizza Huts perhaps can be verified by our man in Salinas:  Parrots Rest.


Dear OP:  If you post again on this thread, kindly tell us why you want to know the names of the owner(s) of the Pizza Huts in Salinas, Ecuador.  Are you potentially interested in becoming a franchisee?

Yeah I too like Mario’s, better taste

Curious if they are corporate owned or allowing for franchise, perhaps corporate and allow later franchise?

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