return to spain

hi can anyone a care worker in the uk and due to go back to spain at some point in June.I am a resident in spain but the only proof i have of my residency which is on my phone.Will they me through with this or will i need proof of paper work
thanks to anyone who can answer my question

Ask the British Consulate in Madrid for the relevant specific Covid 19 letter that they have produced. When you have this on your 'phone, i have been told that the Spanish government and authorities will allow you freedom of movement for you to get home if you simply show them this letter on your 'phone. (I don't know the latest health screening situation at airports etc, so you'll need to keep checking the up to date news both sides...Olive Press/Euro Weekly etc) I was sent this letter, as I'm hoping to go the other way in July , but I've got a feeling I'm going to have to re-book my flight for the 3rd time....maybe I'll try at the end of July/August if Mr Ryanair doesn't get the dates he wants. Hope you get sorted, but don't hold your breath !.

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