Is homeschooling legal in Indonesia?

Yes it is legal in Indonesia. You can teach yourself or use online teachers or have teachers come to your home to teach. There are a few rules  and the kids would need to be assessed at times, but basically lots of people are home schooling their kids in Indonesia.


We haven't actually started homeschooling our kids yet, but have already chosen which book publisher we will use. Also, according to a couple of friends of mine, homeschooling is the way to go, not just in Indonesia but everywhere.

Online teaching is also heading the same way, so once the coronavirus problem is over then I believe more expats will be choosing home schooling for their kids. Also, if your child is already using local teachers as opposed to native English teachers, then note that many teachers will agree to come to your home to teach after hours. That way this kids still can get one to one teaching.

Have you found any luck in looking for a good and accredited homeschool here in Jakarta? Please do share. We are currently looking for one. Thanks.

Do you mean local homeschooling? As I known prima gama homeschooling and kal seto homeschooling are the most famous homeschooling institution in Indonesia

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Hi. We registered only single course for try at   Seton Catholic Home study school (USA accredited program). I ordered books through 'Myus' to get directly to Indonesia.  if we go through all the way with full enrollment until 12 grade we can get highschool diploma but I am still considering... because we have not same condition like USA.. In USA They can gathering for Co-op with any other homeschooling family once a month or twice a month so that kids have social relationship with friends who homeshooling. But here.. where can I get those family who has same wish with mine.. If we do homeschool it is important for me.. I really want to Homeschool my kids so I am atill all ear to get any info through anywhere..

I'm needing help with this too... I have 3 who still only understand very little bahasa, so must be English based... Yet can't afford brick and mortar schooling , or even some of the formal homeschooling programs. I was a teacher back in the USA... But can't teach here due to my visa being Spouse only KITAS.   

hi there,

we have registered our daughters with Kings Interhigh. They have really good reviews as an online school (all live lessons & the students can go back to the lessons if needed as they are recorded) KIH was referred by friends who educate their kids through them.

hope this helps


Are they expensive? What grades are they?

    I'm needing help with this too... I have 3 who still only understand very little bahasa, so must be English based... Yet can't afford brick and mortar schooling , or even some of the formal homeschooling programs. I was a teacher back in the USA... But can't teach here due to my visa being Spouse only KITAS.           -@annisakania723

Non-Indonesians are allowed to drop local subjects.

There are a good number of schools that charge 2 to 4 million/month but use Cambridge.

Qualified native English speaking teachers are in demand so it should be pretty easy to find work as long as you are willing to move to the job.

Schools are likely to offer free education for your kids as part of your package.

Covid has been a great eye-opener that showed up just how rubbish online education generally is.

Avoid it like the plague

    hi there,
we have registered our daughters with Kings Interhigh.


Things to consider:

  • Time zone issues. If the school day ends at 3pm, that's 10pm here (GMT/WIB)
  • Effective school time per day - they seem to have 4 hours. If that's true, is it enough?
  • I gather some lessons are recorded rather than live. Is that acceptable ?
  • They are more expensive than many local Cambridge schools
  • Quality of education - online Vs. physical school. Research suggets covid era students have suffered badly from online education's obvious limitations.
  • Interactions - making friends - Local language/culture acquisition
  • Examinations- When and where?

We teach our kids ourselves. We're not working so we have the time, We took them out of a local international school doing the Cambridge Curriculum after seeing the performance of the teachers online during Covid. I actually took videos and sent them to the guy that used to be in charge of the British Council and who was in charge of Cambridge International as they are personal friends for the past 35 years. He was shocked to say the least and was with me about home schooling.

It seems that local International schools often have old fashioned policies including punishment for kids, they up-charge on books by a ridiculous amount, and some teachers are lazy and some should not be teaching at all being unqualified. Furthermore, our kids do not get bullied. I mention that because a local kid who spent years living in the west severely beat up a kid his junior and was not even expelled. Another big point is that at school a  teacher teaches to a class of 20 or 30 kids and cannot always take care of those who are left behind, whereas at home it's one on one or one on two. Also no peer pressure from classmates...

My kids have loads of friends from since they were at Montessori School here, and also from when they went to the International School. They are online with their friends most days, they meet up at weekends, and they do outside courses where they learn things not taught at school which are more suitable for their future. When the time comes, we will have visiting teachers from local international schools to help them.

Choosing home schooling and not joining an online school means they can learn languages of their/our choice, they can do courses for subjects much more in line and interesting with what they want to do in the future. In a way it's like engineering their future for what they would like to do based on what we know about our kids.

They can take the exams for Cambridge when the time comes.

Other advantages are that we can travel at any time and the kids bring their study books, so we avoid peak times when booking. Our kids are extremely happy, relaxed and confident. The are used to learning by themselves so have become independent and so on. W are extremely pleased with how they are growing and their attitudes and personalities and we know that it wouldn't be like this if they went to school.

We have no regrets at all.


they are slightly on the pricey side for homeschooling. visit their website to set up a call with them. my daughters are in IGCSE Y11.

@wyngrove60 This sounds all great... I used to homeschool my kids in the states... My only question, is in Indonesia do we need to enroll with anyone and do we need to pay to homeschool our own kids?

There are many studies and reports about how great home/online schooling is, but most have been written or commissioned by home school companies.

Covid restrictions  told a story about online education - It's utter rubbish for most. Students who suffered online learning are way behind students who attended real lessons - That's worldwide.

Every report from every country has pretty much the same conclusions. Kids in  general have lost a lot of their education, and that can never be recovered.

However, that doesn't mean it's crap for all kids, but we can safely say it is for most.


Assuming you want to work, you might like to look for a job.

Don't worry about the work permit and KITAS. Schools  will look after that for you.

There are a few in the jobs section of this forum, and hundreds more in other places.

There's a fair chance you can get your kids into your school at a reduced or zero rate.

The lack of trained native English speaking teachers in this country makes it a seller's market. Schools are running around little silly sods trying to find such teachers, and many have been unsuccessful.

I was offered three well paid jobs in a two week period, and I wasn't even looking for work.

@Fred Thank you so much for your word of advice! I will look into it...


as far as we are aware and have enquired, we only need to register with the online school.

We also don't do any online lessons during our kids homeschooling. We prefer to pay teachers privately when we decide to have them visit our home. So I am with those who consider online classes as not very good. Also you can read everywhere about kids education levels deteriorating under online lessons, so it's not at all interesting for us to do it.

Many local International schools employ local teachers who get paid local salaries and are very willing to teach outside school hours in order to make extra cash.

In homeschooling, it's just a matter of finding what suits you and your kids best.