Christmas Buffet Dinner and Fundraising Event for Bali Schools

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
Holds 2nd Annual Holiday Celebration and Benefit Dinner at Maya Resort & Spa

For release after November 7, 2014 – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Everyone who yearns for a traditional Holiday Celebration will enjoy the Benefit Dinner hosted by Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset at Ubud’s elegant, 5-star Maya Resort & Spa on Sunday, December 14, at 6:00 pm.

The fabulous holiday buffet will have something for everyone - vegetarians won’t be disappointed either! Included in the ticket price of 575,000 Rp is a welcome cocktail drink, one raffle ticket for valuable prizes, a children’s caroling choir, and music by pianist Duncan McKee, noted for his sensitive and lyrical piano style.

Proceeds will support many Rotary projects that help local communities, including children’s health and sanitation, water and hygiene training in elementary schools, and HIV AIDS testing and treatment at the new Bali Peduli clinic in Ubud.

The classic Christmas menu includes king prawn cocktails, several fabulous salads, snapper, wild mushroom lasagna (v), a Carvery featuring whole roasted turkey with all the trimmings, plus roast pork loin, and a vegetarian coulibiac (an Escoffier innovation). Eight desserts including warm Christmas puddings with brandy butter, and eggnog cheesecake with dark cherries & rum glaze and more. Save room!

Attendees will be able to purchase additional raffle tickets at the event for valuable prizes including several 5-star hotel stays, dinners, spa packages and more. 

Limited seating requires reserving your tickets now, by bank transfer or by cash to a RCBUS member. For more information including bank transfer details see their website at or SMS questions to Sue at 081 238 66349.

About Rotary Club Ubud Sunset
Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset serves communities throughout Bali, but particularly in the Ubud area.  RCBUS focuses on practical projects to provide people with basic necessities. Bali may appear to be prosperous to the casual tourist, but huge economic disparities exist. There are whole villages without water, electricity and access roads. School libraries sometimes stand without books, and many children cannot attend school because parents cannot afford school fees. Countless people do not have even the most basic ideas of hygiene or how to stay healthy. RCBUS addresses these issues and more.

For additional information, visit or contact Sue Winski at +62 8123866349 or suewinski[at]

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The Maya is a great venue for this sort of thing, so this sounds interesting.

Is this an "adult" sort of event, or are families welcome?  Assuming families with children are welcome, what is the set price for children, and what is the age cut off defining children?

Cheers, Roy

Yes, it's great for families.  Let me check on a child's price.

Children 5 and under are FREE!  6-12 are 1/2 price.  Hope that answers your question and hope to see you and your family there!    :top:


Thanks Bruce!

I’m interested, if only to have a chance to meet some of the Ubud area expats that have found their way here in the years since I’ve become more of hermit, and less of a “social gadfly.”

And then of course there is always that “siren song” that only a turkey can sing!   You, being an American, know exactly what I mean.   ;)

I’ll run this idea by “my boss” and get back to you one way or another. 

As only a kind suggestion…when promoting this event elsewhere, you might mention the kid’s pricing.  As you well know, a great many of expats in the Ubud area are in “the family way.”

Selamat Rotary!  A GREAT many wonderful project have been undertaken by this great organization here in Bali, and elsewhere in Indonesia over the years.   :top:

Cheers, Roy

It's a great group that got together last year for this event.  Hope you can make it for the fun and food (and win a great raffle prize as well).

Here's the FULL menu (WOW):
Rotary’s 2nd Annual Christmas Fundraiser Buffet 2014
Welcome glass of wine.
Bread and Soup
•    Assorted breads and rolls
•    Creamy roast pumpkin soup with festive spices and chives (V)
Starters and salads
•    King prawn and avocado cocktails
•    Camembert, caramelized onion and smoked salmon quiche
•    Confit of vine ripened baby tomatoes with thyme, olives and goats cheese (V)
•    Roasted beetroot, feta and mint salad, balsamic dressing (V)
•    Tomato & orange salad with parsley & citrus dressing (V)
•    Potato salad with pesto mayonnaise and toasted pinenuts (V)
•    Radicchio and shaved manchego with sherry vinegar dressing and chives (V)
•    Green leaf salad with toasted hazelnut dressing (V)

Bain-marie (chafing and induction)
•    Pan fried Snapper fillets with creamy saffron, prawn and basil sauce
•    Roast loin of Pork with its crackling, Apple sauce, jus
•    Traditional roasted sweet potatoes (V)
•    Potato purees (V)
•    Wild mushroom lasagna with thyme and parmesan (V)
•    Green and yellow beans sautéed with garlic and parsley (V)
•    Marmalade glazed carrots (V)
•    Whole roasted turkey, caramelized onion, cranberry and pecan stuffing, sage jus
•    Vegetarian coulibiac of spinach, leeks, herbs, zucchinis and pine nuts (V) (a Russian fish pie typically made with salmon or sturgeon, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, and herbs, in a puff pastry shell.)
Something sweet (v)
•    Croqumebouche wreath   (Croquembouche is a French dessert made by stacking cream puffs in a conical shape and cementing them together with a toffee. The dessert is typically ornamented with sugared almonds, or other ingredients, and it is designed to be displayed as the centerpiece of a table)
•    Buche de Noel – Yule log cake with hazelnut ganache (a whipped filling of chocolate and cream, used in desserts such as cakes and truffles.)
•    Home-style pumpkin pie
•    Warm Christmas puddings, brandy butter
•    Eggnog cheesecake with dark cherries and rum glaze
•    Pistachio and cardamom crème brulee
•    A Selection of ice creams and sorbets
•    Fresh tropical fruits

best, Bruce

At 10:30 AM here in Bali, posting that savory menu should be a crime!   

Good grief man!  Fighting the never ending “battle of the bulge” (the one around my middle), it simply isn’t fair to get someone like me salivating!   :lol:

And PS…I will thanking the Gods there is no nasi or mei goring on that menu!   :top:

Cheers, Roy

Good news Bruce!  The “boss” said OK.

As luck would have it, I first introduced turkey to her and her family some 10 years ago, and after long hours of napping on that feast, a fondness for our “American bird” with Eri and her entire family, (all Balinese), grew, and grew.

That was the first time that Norbest brand (USA) frozen turkeys were available here on Bali…and I’ll never forget that glorious day!  I caused a bit of a stir picking one up from the frozen food bin at what was then called Makro (now Lotti Mart) on the bypass road. 

I held it in my loving arms like it was a new born baby, caressed it, and spoke un-publishable words of delight in finding it. 

“NO, this is not a swan, and NO, Saraswati will not be upset if we eat it!”   :lol:

On Bali, any bird larger than a chicken or duck (Geese included), seems to get a “free pass” even when it comes to temple sacrifices.     

You do know, (and should if you don’t), that if Ben Franklin had his way, the bird that symbolizes the USA would have been the turkey, and not the Bald Eagle.  Who is going to argue with the likes of Ben Franklin?  Ever try to eat a Bald Eagle?  Ben was one heck of a wise man!  But then again, if the turkey was the US national bird…what would we eat on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas?! 

Five of us in total to come, two adults and three half Balinese/half American young lads from age 12 to 15…(almost “Irish triplets”).  Worry not, as my three sons are far more constrained than their dad.  They are blessed with the DNA of their mom!   ;)

Looking for a private message from you, (I hate discussing money in public) and we’ll get this done.

And yes, all kidding aside, I am serious. 

Cheers, Roy

Official ';child' prices: free for 1-5; 400,000 for 6-12 yrs

Suksama lagi Bruce.  I've sent off an e-mail to Sue.  Looking forward to meeting you there.

Cheers, Roy


OOPS.  suewinski[at] should read SUEWINSKI /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\!  Sorry.

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