Cheesecake Factory can't make next months rent

Cheesecake factory has sent out a letter to their landlords that they can't make next months rent. A perfect storm, rents due on April 1.

Good thing Penny got that job selling pharmaceuticals.

Many others affected including 'the penny black'


SINGAPORE —  About an hour before midnite ....stricter safe distancing measures kicked in islandwide at around midnight, which required all bars and entertainment venues to cease operations, the usually vibrant stretch of pubs along Boat Quay had already fallen quiet on Thursday night (March 26) with most lights dimmed and shutters rolled down.

A full-time waiter of The Penny Black, who wanted to be known only as James, 18, said that the English pub had served its last order at 11pm and the crew was cleaning up the premises before closing the place for about a month.

It was a similar story over at Clarke Quay. Most establishments were closed by midnight, with few people in sight when TODAY visited.

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Brazil: Any elderly found outside without the purpose of buying food, medicine at a pharmacy or gasoline at a gas station will be fined. All establishments closed from restaurants, bars, schools, etc except pharmacies, supermarkets and gas stations. No one is working. Schools due to reopen April 6 but I highly doubt that. The peak of Coronavirus predicted between April and May. Oh boy. How would people pay their bills? The $39 govt hand-out?

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