how much i can earn with raise a pig

i would like to ask expat people if someone know, how much it is possible to earn if i buy a baby pig for 1500, o 2500 php and then raise it , and then sell it when it is 100 kilo? thanks

Not enough to be worth the work.  Maybe p1,000 with luck.  Over what you would pay if bought live at the market.  And then you still need to butcher it and some loss there.   They are great for rototillers if raised right.  I bought 2 for my father in law. cheap.  He will raise them,  He puts in a large garden, lets that go to weeds &grass,  Put's in his goats to eat down, puts in the pigs to root & till. Lets the chickens run were they will. He will feed them for a week then butcher them both.  I will return home with the pork from one pig. He keeps the chitlens heart liver and such.  Little cheaper than buying butchered at the store here. not much. So he makes free rototiller, heart liver and chitlens for raising the pig.  When they are butchered and one free small feeder pig. I get 1 butchered pig to cost about same as if bought at the store.  Close as I can come on price.

thank you so much for information. is it same with cow too?

hi i suggest if you can raise cow it is better, i have aunties who are still raising is more manageable than pigs..and cheaper foods...

I have small pig farm in province of Turburan about 100km out of Cebu . The farm has 7 sows and the piglet population varies from 15 to 40 pigs . The major cost is the food if you are free ranging that should save you a significant amount . The meat usually varies from About 130pesos to 140pesos aa kilo here in Cebu . We sell our pigs at around 50 to 70kg or 3 months old . Providing you have someone to slaughter and prepare it you can keep costs down . If you cut up pig and sell to individual friends etc you can increase profit . There are additional costs for slaughter ,transport ,inoculation when young . It can be a profitable business if you have good ,honest people working for you .

thanks you very much

giovannigio wrote:

i would like to ask expat people if someone know, how much it is possible to earn if i buy a baby pig for 1500, o 2500 php and then raise it , and then sell it when it is 100 kilo? thanks

Have you raised pigs before? Who gave you the idea of raising pigs? Who told you that the price of a piglet is 1500 or 2500 (that's a big discrepancy)?

If you're thinking about raising a single pig to supplement your income, forget about it. Chances are you will be overcharged for the piglet. It could be that you will be told that the meat will be more expensive come the town fiesta, which is when you will butcher and sell it. Then people will not pay you, saying that it was your share for the fiesta.

There's an expression: "If you've been playing poker for half an hour and you still don't know who the patsy is, you're the patsy."

If you're thinking about setting up a pig farm, and you haven't had the experience of raising pigs and don't do due diligence, forget about that too. You will likely be overpriced on everything -- piglets / sows, feeds, veterinarians, etc. You may say that your gf's family and the people around them will not ask you for money. But they will find other ways of taking advantage of you.

In one of your previous posts, who gave you the price of PhP300k for a wedding with a village girl? Your gf's family? A wedding coordinator "friend"?  Be aware of what happens behind closed doors. Do not be the patsy.

giovannigio wrote:

i would like to ask expat people if someone know, how much it is possible to earn if i buy a baby pig for 1500, o 2500 php and then raise it , and then sell it when it is 100 kilo? thanks

One pig eats 1k pesos a month. It takes 4 months to get him ready for market. The market will low ball anyone Pinoy or Foreigners who only have one pig. So expect to sell that 200lbs or 100 kilo pig for 8k even though a lechon pig 60 to 70 kilo will go for the same price. With that said it will be more trouble than its worth. Simply because a pig must be watered 4 to 5 times a day , otherwise you will have a dead pig. They sweat and need cooling down often. They can get sick easily so have a vet on hand.

My suggestions are raise a pig only for personal use. Often what gets expats into trouble is they are not satisfied with having a nice income and retirement. They for some weird way think they should have more money. Going into business here is not very smart.

I compare the business guy to the multi million dollar lottery winner. That guy has just won 100 million buckaroos and what does he do? The clown hires a firm to count his money. Then he invest his money. Then his butt is broke.

With a little bit of time I think I can count up to 100 million. Why pay someone to do that? Why invest when the whole reason a person invest is so they can retire and never worry about money?

Don't wind up a disgruntled foreigner who instead of relaxing and enjoying their self wind up stressed and angry. These people here are looking for a guy who's trying to do business. They will clean your clock. Then they will still say, HEY,,,MY FRIEND. LOL

yes you are right them, clean all and then tell hi my friend.

FilAmerican, none told me, but i have a friend that told me she bought some pigs for raise them and sell, she bought for 1500 baby pig, but doing count, i didn't saw income, so that is why i asked here in expat.
but then maybe it is better a cow then pig. that is all.

If everything goes well you will most likely break even.

Good luck with that.

I would have a different answer if you had 100-500 pigs but with only one I would say eat it and enjoy a good lecheon.

hi filcan what is your answer with 100 pigs

There are way too many variables to give a precise answer but you have a much better chance of success with 100 than with 1 and for the most part it depends on how it is managed.

My guess is that you would probably profit P25 to P40 per kilo over the life of the pig.

Think of all the risks. You dealing with a living thing. think rent, salary, feed, medicine, light, water, permits.

I did raise pigs for a couple of years and I promised myself I would never again deal with anything that is living or perishable. For that kind of profit it's not worth it.

Don't beat me if you don't agree, I'm just giving my best advice based on my own experience.

yes you are right filcan, with everything live , it is same with fruit and vegetable.
thanks for your advice

Excuse me if I appear cynical but aren't you retired? If so why not sit back and enjoy your self? You come to one of the poorest countries in the world and you want to make money....

sirrobcentral,  it is a broning life just sit and look around,  infact i am not hurry for do a business but if i can do why not so in this way i will not do a boring life and someone also can have some work, it isn't for make money, but sure i non want have a business that non go good.

just an honest  not try to venture in something  that u havent tried urself and just rely on what just been told to you...things are always easier said than usually sounds easier than the actual.If u want to try raising pigs or cows,,make sure u have enough space, or small land to put them,,better to know more of how the flow will be, the do's and dont's  or u will just end with.." i thought it will be like this or like that" or "they said its like this or its like that, i dont know what happened"..sound bs right.if u know someone who have knowledge about raising pigs,make sure u also learn the trade..all the "truth" about the trade and not just the "sounds good" part.

thanks violet23 for advice

ur welcome....remember that every business is a risk..even those who have their expertise on certain business,they dont always go the way they want it. what more in venturing on something u  dont anything about but just words from a not so experts themselves,ryt?..the idea is good, thing is,,its not as easy as it sounds. just try to enjoy ur stay...the food, the places the people, the culture etc....but always keep safe...God bless!

That is too much for a baby pig, but a 100K pig sells for about ₱5,000 on Cebu.

If you want to earn more, My suggestion is look for a butcher and sell it in your neighbor. that is what we do in lipa we get pig in  piggery during friday and killed it on saturday morning. you can ask your neighbor to make a pre order which part they want. some just come and buy to us, for 100 kilos of alive pig  let say meat weigh 80 kilos and internal organs is 20 kilos.

let say this is the amount.
2 front leg is 170 per kilo= 340
2 black leg is 150 per kilo= 300
6kilo pork chop is 170 per kilo=1020
head 100 per kilo= 300
40 kilos of meat @ 170 per kilo
intestine sell and other internal part will sell 500
and 20  bone part will sell 120 per kilo

give the butcher 500 pesos and free breakfast.
water and charcoal or woods cost to 100.
just give the butcher

One pig Bobby price 1500 pesos when I rise its price in market value is 15000

thanks Witty and Iftikhar
but until now what i understand you non earn o earn just little doing this work

Have you ever been to a piggery?  If not, that would turn off most people. The smell and noise may be unbearable.

I have a different experience about raising pigs for profit and i studied it for 6 years to be a veterinarian.. im raising pigs now starting from 1 sow and i found it very profitable.
this is my calculation for 10 heads of fattening pigs
piglets cost you 2000 pesos
feeds cost you 5000-5500 pesos until harvested ( commercial Feed)
other expenses 200-300/pesos/pig  for lights and labor (depending on how many Pigs you have.)- for 10 head of Pigs
Cost you 7,800 pesos

the pig will weigh 90-100kilos x 120/kilo =    P10,800
                                                                      - 7,800
                                        YOU CAN EARN       3,000 PESOS/PIG

Thats if you know how to raise them.. imagine if you have your own sows for lesser piglet expense and own feed meal to  lessen feed expense and you have 1000 heads fattening pigs... you can see raising pig is different than raising a fattening cows and it has their own cons and pros.

hi im 27 years old from ph and i stayed here longer now, but i was in dublin sometimes
I have a different experience about raising pigs for profit and i studied it for 6 long years and i am now a vet part time farmer.. im raising pigs for 3 years now and i found it profitable.

-this is my calculation for fattening pigs
piglets cost you 2000 pesos
feeds cost you 5000-5500 pesos until harvested ( commercial Feed)
other expenses 300-400/pesos/pig  for electricity and labor(optional) (depending on how many Pigs you have.)
- (((for 100 heads of Pigs, other expenses cost P40,000 minus labor 3000/month x 4 months = 12,000 ///
((40,000 - 12,000(labor)= 28,000 for expenses for 100 pigs))and i think 28,000 is too much for electricity and medicines( in my case i payed 2500 - 3500 electricity bill for 4 months in my farm(i only use lights at night, pump and for heater for new born piglets for only few days) and more or less 3000-5000 for meds and vaccines) and for water, i have my own pump for deep well. so, i keep the extra expenses money for farm maintenance))))

Cost you 7,900 pesos/pig

the pig will weigh 90-100kilos x 120/kilo (live weight) =    P10,800  - P12,000   
                                                                                          - 7,900
                                                         YOU CAN EARN        2,900 to 4000 PESOS/PIG for 5 months from birth

That's if you know how to manage your farm. you need your own deepwell and building, it was not on the expense written above because you can use it for a long period of time and it should be calculated in your first investments. You can subdivide your earnings per harvest till you get back what you invest while continue using the farm . imagine if you have your own sows for lesser piglet expense and own feed meal to  lessen feed expense and you have 200 sow level (sow give birth twice a year and most give 8 - 12 or 16 piglets every time it give birth x 2 a year) and ofcourse breed matter for better meat quality and weight... you can see raising pig is way different than raising a fattening cows and it has their own cons and pros. and btw for lechon , pig should weigh 30 kilos live weight, it would be 70-80 days old from birth.
my calculation for the lechon is

piglet    2000
feed  900-1000pesos until harvest (70-80 days old from birth)
other expense 100-200 pesos/pig
butcher/lechon-cook labor= 300 pesos
for spices and expenses for lechon=500
Cost 3900

Profit for selling lechon
the pig weigh 30kilos x 140/kilo live weight =   4200  (in the city its 150/kilo)
                             lechon fee(if you sell it) = +1300   ( others 1,500) 
                                                                       5500 pesos 
                                                      cost     -    3900 pesos
                                        You can earn         P1,600 or more for 70 to 80 days old pig

It is a good business but you need the skills and desire for good management. There are a lot of farm owners that knows how to takes care of the pigs without studying veterinary medicine or animal science.  so start reading and try to attend some seminars(there are a lot of feed-brand company conducting seminars every towns every now and then or you can ask the feed technician for guide and questions)

thanks you really have a good experience

hi everyone, i am working here in riyadh for 23 years now. and plan to retire in very near future. i have a plan to do business in philippines (which is my own country) for hog raising. actually i already bought agriculture land half hectare for this business and surf internet for more information for hog raising. but i guess still my information still not enough. about raising hog is not my issue. my issue is how to run the business, management, production cost, tax, permit, salaries and so on. kindly someone advice? thanks.

what is your work there?

As you have worked hard to earn your money in Saudi, be extra careful about spending it in Phil. Talk to meat buyers, join a Rotary and obtain information from proffessionals.

i am maintenance manager at the same time development manager giovannigio

thanks for your advice dinky!

You can do well with the Father In law way here.  Buy one small pig. Or more.  Stake them out on your ground.  They make good rototillers.  Have chickens follow the pigs.  On ground next to be planted stake your goats out to clear.  Once ground is well tilled move pigs to were goats are & move goats to next area. Plant tilled soil in garden & crops. Once pigs become hogs butcher & replace with more small pigs.  Also borrow money from Son In Law. Never repay in cash. Repay in pork, chicken, produce just below what he would pay at market but still turn a small profit.

Dont try to build and manage it remotely. You need to be there from the beginning and follow thru everything, I know as I tried to run a fish farm in Pampanga, while working in Algeria.Fish were not feed regularly and pond was not drained or filled when temperature changed. And fish were stolen so take every decision towards making a piggery wisely. One of my english friends had a piggery on Samal Island, managed for him by a filipino foreman and his family while he was working in Saudi. He return on one of his hoilday breaks and found the foreman and his family has disappeared with all the pigs and stock, never to be seen or heard of again.

thanks dinky, but my wife right now is there and my brother in law. i believe my brother in law is sending me the right information. we always have contact and sending me all the breakdowns of expenses. but as of now it is a backyard farming. i am having 22 heads fattening. this month the 10 is for disposal. we plan to have another 10 biik this week. i believe as of this time everything is smoothly running. right now the frequency of disposal is every 2 months. but when it becomes monthly disposal of 10 heads, that i will know what will be my decision, should i continue in 2017 the project of 50 heads per month.
my wife will be there most of the time. she will come here in riyadh just to maintain his visa.
i know still i need more to learn about this business, i just hope my management skill helps me to speed up to understand the business.
by the way dinky, could you help me how to calculate the operating expenses, direct and indirect? and what will be the reference of calculation? is it from gross income or net income. i am a little bit ignorant about accounting system.
thanks in advance.

I will ask my friend who is an acccountant.

Around P$ 5,000 piso a pig average.  If you stay small & have scrap to feed them from the farm & your own grain & such.  Wife said you go broke if you go to cement floor raising them & need buy all feed.  With luck you can make P10,000 a pig if the fishing in the river is good & lots of people have her father mill rice for them. He has a small rice mill on the farm. Lots of variations as to weather, work, luck, in raising pigs. With a dry year coming up here feed may be high, the river low to net fish, bad rice crop, it all adds up to your cost.

My friend told me its quite detailed recording when you go into pig farming in a big way.I think he meant you have to keep records of birth, weight feed, when the sow is in heat to impregnate for breeding and so on. He passed on all his information to a filipino relative so I cant forward anything interesting to you.


Good day!

In regards to your questions, your can buy a 45 days old piglet for 2,500 peso. How much feeds you need?
45-83 days old -------0.5kg x 38 days=P1,140.00
83-120 days old------2.0kg x 37 days=P1,110.00
120-143 days ols-----2.2kg x23 days=P690.00

Normally, pig at this age will normally weigh 60-80kg; For average of 70 kg x140Php-you will earn 9,800.00

I suggest it's better you have your own gilt.



sirrobcentral wrote:

Excuse me if I appear cynical but aren't you retired? If so why not sit back and enjoy your self? You come to one of the poorest countries in the world and you want to make money....

I've been reading your comments in other posts, and you surely have my attention.

Yes, the country is poor and that is a fact, but it is definitely not one of the poorest countries in the world for you to malign business opportunities here. Everywhere in the world, there will be people who will take advantage of you when they notice you know nothing of the ins and outs. If you remain negative about everything here, then I don't see any reason why you should stay here in the first place.

I once worked elsewhere, and I came back to my country. I ventured into food and catering business and events organizing business. There is money. THERE IS ALWAYS MONEY WHEN YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE OF YOUR ENDEAVOR, with the right mix of strategy, human resource and finance management. Of course, to earn money you'll need optimism, patience, dedication and a lot of hard work.

I don't mean to judge you, but you need a bit of optimism in your life.

Giovannigio, if you want to venture into swine industry, you can PM me. I have regular suppliers of pork and lechon, and I order frequently. We can talk in private if you want to know how our suppliers work to maximize their profit.