ECC-A versus ECC-B exit clearance

I've been to the Philippines 9 times but this is my first time staying for more than 6 months.  I am returning to Canada in June and have just learned that I will need an ECC certificate to leave the country.  There are 2 different ECC certificates; ECC-A and ECC-B.  As usual, the PHP website is as clear as mud when it comes to explaining the difference. 

The ECC-A applies to "Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more".  That would be me!  But further along it says if you have an ACR-I card you have to forfeit that card.  Having just renewed mine, seems a bit "unreasonable".  The ECC-A should be obtained at least 3 days prior to departure.

The ECC-B is "issued to departing Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visa holders with a valid ACR I-Card and are leaving the country but are planning to return."   Since the tourist visa is a non-immigrant visa, this is also me as I plan to return in October.  The ECC-B can be obtained at the airport on the day of your departure.

So you may understand my initial confusion as there is definite overlap in their descriptions and application.  At this point I am planning to get the ECC-B which I can get at the airport on the day of my departure.

I am posting to the forum to inquire if anyone has "direct, personal" experience with the ECC certification and can share those experiences including any documentation requirements.

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Only my experience as a long term visitor I had to go the EEC A and 500 pesos later? No problems.

The problems start with Covid clearance and all the paperwork involved and crap they require to not only exit but return to PH.

Cheers, Steve.

@nosredna I departed last October for a trip to USA and to satisfy my 3 Year Visa Run. Since it was over six months AND I have an ACR-I Card, I needed the ECC-B Exit Clearance. I downloaded the form which is on the Immigration Site and when I brought it to Cebu Immigration, they informed me it was not the correct form and they gave me a one page Blank form to complete - which was actually simpler. Then fingerprints on all fingers plus NBI Clearance. I had to return in three days to pick up my passport and the ECC. I would not feel comfortable waiting until I get to the Airport on day of travel - too many chances for issues including Server down, etc. Also, you may have to pay an Exit Tax. Emirates told me it was included in my fare; but at airport they told me it wasn't. Rather than fight with anyone, I just went to the nearby Tax Counter, filled out the form, and paid. Took less than 30 minutes, then returned to Emirates Counter to get my Boarding Pass.

@talamban Thanks talamban, very useful information.  I'll check out the BI office prior to my departure rather than wait and do it at the airport.