I invested in SMDC Shore Residences Tower 1 in MOA last 2014. It was then a pre-selling project and based on the contract, turnover is 3rd quarter of 2018. From 2014, I paid a monthly amortization for the equity and even requested for an  extension of the amortization until the unit is ready for turnover - it was then approved. Come this October 2018 - SMDC pressured me to settle the balance thru bank financing. As an OFW - it was a struggle processing documentation for the loan as the bank is based in the Philippines and there's a lot of papers needed to be sent back and forth. SMDC posted a penalty because of the late release of the bank loan (was released December). But then they said the penalty is waived - all is settled. I was expecting that the unit is ready for turnover since they said 3rd quarter is the completion of the project. But until now, it's February 2019 - there's still no unit given to me - they said it's still not ready. I have started paying the bank since the loan was approved.

What can I demand to SMDC for this? SMDC's customer service isnt helpful. No one is bothering to call me to give atleast an update. It is so frustrating.

This situation is world wide and not a surprise.   Go on the Ecuador forum and ask about Las Olas.  It is not unusual for such projects to be years late in their projections.  Why would anyone believe anything will happen on time in the Philippines?  Usually the sales pitch concerns getting in cheap, early, on the ground floor, get the best property etc.  In such cases one has little recourse but to put up with their timeline, their rules.  A good general rule for expats is to buy what is completed, also doing research about the neighbors, the neighborhood.  Another thing we have avoided is Filipino financing.  In most cases I could borrow in the USA at about half the Filipino interest rate.
             Wishing you best of luck with your residence.

^^^ I agree. Thats why it's more fun in the Philippines. But your point is well taken about only buying what is completed. I personally won't buy anything here, preferring to keep my real estate investments in my home country where I am protected by laws I understand and renting here. But then I have no intention of permanently settling in this country. I can certainly see the attraction of buying if that is someone's plan. In that case, buy what is finished and ready to occupy.

Was in the MOA yesterday, saw the big SMDC setup with many swarming sales people.  Woman gave me paperwork on what they have, 19 projects in the prebuild stages, one in Davao, the rest in Metro Manila and Cavite.  They also have 16 ready to move in projects, all in Metro Manila and two in Tagaytay.   Then just standing around I had another real estate agent showing me homes in Batangas.  Got rid of her by asking what she had available in Ilocos Sur.   Also was asked by a young lady standing next to a White Drip beauty shop if  I would like a facial massage.  Took off my sunglasses, asked her if my face needs more than a massage.  She said we could START with a massage.  I had to just be quiet and give her the negative head shake.  She finally retreated.  Got some good mango halo halo at Icebergs, was glad to get out of MOA.


pano ba sila icomplaint? ung unit more than 1 yr ng delay but still walang unit n turn over.nagbabayad n ako ng konthly amortization sa bank.


File a complaint to DHSUD by sending an email to [email protected]

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