Working/Moving To Slovenia

What preliminary steps should I prepare for?
What other sources should I look through for employment in this country?

Slovenia is one of the safest and most untroubled countries. The country has the Adriatic Sea, Alps Mountains and is superior to all other countries from Eastern Europe in terms of ecological situation and the standards of living. The language of Slovenia is a bit like Russian.  Apart from a local language, people in Slovenia speak English.

It's a place with picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains, smooth lakes, velvet forests where you can live comfortably under modern civilization.  It's a country where everyone can find something for themselves.  It is committed to sustainability and is the perfect green and safe oasis.  Slovenia has ancient forests, crystal clear waters, unspoiled nooks & corners, and amazing biodiversity.

There are various ways of immigration to this country, they are-

• Repatriation method:  Through this way, citizenship is granted to those who have descendants, who had lived or were born on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
• Naturalization method: Citizenship through the naturalization method is granted when it is beneficial to the state. It is given for scientific, economic, cultural, national, or similarly important reasons.
• Those who have lived continuously on the territory of the country can also register for obtaining either a residence permit or permanent residence through a naturalization method.
• Others who can acquire citizenship or permanent residence have to provide the registration of a legal entity of work, getting an education, marriage, or family reunification with a citizen of Slovenia.

Foreign nationals have to meet basic criteria before applying for Slovenian citizenship. Applicant must:

•     be at least 18 years of age
•     have guaranteed permanent source of income
•    submit a declaration that he/she agrees with the legal system of the Republic of Slovenia
•    be free from any crime record
•    not pose any threat to the public order security or defense of the state
•    have cleared all tax obligations

Citizensl is an expert at providing assistance in obtaining citizenship in a very simple way. We will let you gain Slovenian citizenship within a few months from the date of submission of the paperwork.

Even if you don't have much knowledge of the Slovenian language and you don’t want to renounce your first citizenship, then also we will take on the task to prove your Slovenian existence.  You just have to send your scanned copies of your passport and fill in the application form. Examining your family tree is our job.

Legal advisors at Citizenl are very much familiar with the documentation procedure and take only 2 to 3 working days to determine the scope of work.

Thus, don't think much and feel free to just come just forward to get in touch with Citizensl.

Acquiring the passport of the Republic of Slovenia is a big deal as you not only become a full citizen of this country but also of the European Union.  It means that he/she qualifies for a second passport and can live, work and study in any of the 28 EU member countries without any restrictions.

Contact us, in case of any questions. Feel free and reach us!


I am retired. Only source of income I have is my state pension. I would really like to know if its possible to move to Slovenia or get a passport.

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