Renewing a Vietnamese driver's license

I have a B1/A2 driver's license now but it expires with my visa March 19th.

I just got my Visa Exemption Certificate in my passport today.  Bummer it's for 4.5 years but my passport has 5 years left so the new VEC expires 6 months before my passport does.  No matter, it's $10 for five years so that is a win.

Anyway, when I got my driver's license I followed this procedure from another thread:

1) go to the district 3 People’s Committee:

99 Trần Quốc Thảo, Phường 7, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

2) take a number. Press the 3rd button for translation service. (Button 1 is for picking up something already translated. We didn’t know this and sat for about 45 minutes before figuring it out.)

3) after getting a number, go get the your license copied. (Same floor.) this is the only thing you will need copies of to get the translation made.

4) After your number is called; go requests he translation. (320k VND for fast translation. (Apx. 1 hour.) The fast service may only be available before 11am if I understood correctly.

3) now that you have more time, go make copies of visa, passport, and after receiving it, the translation of drivers license. X2 of each. Or you can do this somewhere else if you desire.

4) After you have the translation and required copies, take the papers to the Department of Transport:

252 Lý Chính Thắng, Phường 9, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh

5) Fill out 1 form, submit the copies, and pay 60k, if I remember correctly. Then have your picture taken.

6) Decide to either return and pick up your license in a week or so, or have them mail it to you. (There is a postal desk there.)

My questions are, for a renewal do you have to follow the entire procedure above or can any of it be skipped since it is a renewal instead of a new license?  Also, if you do have to follow the above completely then at the time I make copies of my current license do they want both the US and Vietnamese license copied?


Do I just do everything all over again or any steps bypassed on a renewal vs a new license?

SteinNebraska :


Do I just do everything all over again or any steps bypassed on a renewal vs a new license?

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I hope someone provides good info for you (no SWAGs 😉 )

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