general question about life in Miskolc

Hello everyone.  I am writing to ask a general question about life in Miskolc.  I have seen a lot of information about other cities, but not much about Miskolc.  What do people do for entertainment?  Are there festivals?  What is shopping like?  Are there a lot of restaurant options?  Thanks in advance.

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Just out of curiosity, why did you choose Miskolc ?


Hi there, from what I remember of Miskolc, it is mostly a folksy smaller town, they are very much into traditions, they have the Mohacs, which are sort of famous as old time monsters/devils that are displayed in the Springtime festival there. It must be stated that Miskolc is also known for a large Roma population as well.

Not sure what you may be looking for in Miskolc, it's not a general large city and the job opportunities are not as much as in Budapest.

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