Any tips for a Norwegian woman on how to find work

Hi i was wondering or rather should say would love to move and work for a periode in china. I currently finished my B.A in politisk science.
Any tips for å Norwegian woman... ps i dont språk maderin but would love to learn the local language.


Finding a job in China for a foreigner might be tricky but definitely not impossible. The best way to find a job is by checking with the people you already know (personal connections) who work for a company in China that might be looking for someone with your skills. If you don't have "guanxi" (connection), then the easiest way to find a job is via Internet.

If you are from an English-speaking country, you can search and apply for the English teacher jobs in the private schools and English training organizations. Here is a couple of websites where you can find lots of English teaching jobs:

1) - International Job Portal with presence in China that covers a lot of cities. Most of the jobs on LaowaiCareer are teaching jobs, but they do a non-teaching jobs ad well in case you'd like to check out. Just use the search jobs filter to narrow down your search.

2) - Is a Global jobs aggregator that has information about lots of jobs not only in China but around the world. Worth checking it too.

3) - Another job site and a lot of teaching jobs you can find there as well. The only problem is that they will ask you to pass through a lot of registration steps before you can start applying for jobs.

This may help you make your living in China when first arriving in China. Then you can study Chinese, because a foreigner with fluent Chinese surely can find better jobs than those who don't especially when you have some education background in other fields like finance etc.

If you don't speak English well, this may really be a tough question unless you speak good Chinese. Or if you are an expert in some fields, then do not to worry, just show your talents and make a good Chinese CV, you can get jobs easily.

There are number of local job sites, apps as well as international sites and forums that you can teach on.

1) Boss App - Trending Chinese job search app but it might be hard to use if you can't speak Chinese.

2) - Very old but yet usable Chinese job board that has been listed on NASDAQ. Might be hard to use if you don't know Chinese.

3) - Similar with 51job Zhaopin is a job site that 90% of all companies in China will use to hire people. You will need to have your Resume translate to Chinese for better results.

4) - New but growing very fast job site. Especially popular among IT companies. Check it out!

Also in case you'd ever need to quiet or change your job in China, make sure you do it in the RIGHT WAY without burning bridges and keeping good relationship with your boss as who knows what awaits you in the future. You might want to check this detailed guide book on how to properly resign from your job here: … on-letter/

Hope this will help!

Happy Job Hunting! :)))

Thank you so much, for all the tips i can get, I surely gonna try.

happy to help! Ask me any this as I've been here in China for the past 15 years

Can ask, how did you med en mandarin, is it difficult, what is the Easy way to learn?

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