Work visa for New Zealander

Hi everyone.
I'm a New Zealander living in Melbourne with my Mexican wife. We are wanting to move to the US for work and be closer to family. I'm a Tennis Instructor and would like to know if I need a job offer to apply for a visa please? For Australians the E3 visa is the one to apply. I've had replies to job offers but they require me to have the visa first.
Would it be good to get an immigration lawyer to speed this process up or is it a waste of time as I don't have any job offers?
Look forward to responses please.
Thank you kindly.

Or is it possible to enter the US as a tourist and find an employer there after they have met me and then file for the petition for I -129 visa?

Yes,my best advise to you is best you consult a US immigration attorney and get the best advise. There should be ways to apply without too much of pressure.
Good luck to you,
Noel Tissera.

Thanks Noel

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