how to move house to northern spain from ireland with 5 dogs?

Hi everybody,
I just recently joined here, Ive read some of the topics previously posted and wow everybody is great at offering useful info.
I'm hoping somebody who was once in my place and achieved what i want to achieve can help answer this question.
I'm planning on moving to northern spain by the end of this year and I don't have a huge amount of furniture or home items to bring with I'm thinking about renting a truck and packing it up with all our belongings and making the trip just once via ferry...

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions will be read with an open mind

Thanks everybody, hope your having a great day wherever you are :)

I'm considering exactly same thing so following!

Hi Jbin what country are u relocating from?

From Dublin Ireland to Northern Spain. Considering Girona. You??
When are you thinking?

Hi Geotheobroma and Jbinprogress, welcome to !

That's a cool project you both got !

Jbinprogress, Have you been in Girona? Was it good? What attracted you there?

Geotheobroma : Do you have a region or a city in mind? Northern Spain can be pretty big when you think about it ;)

I hope to read you both very soon !



We're from Kilkenny, thinking northern Spain too. Not fully sure where yet..planning on house hunting in person soon though. Exciting! :) have u any pets?

Cat and a dog. Same here haven't completely decided when and where yet. Learning Spanish and going to explore girona a little bit in March. Big decision so trying to research fully.
Job market in Spain is a bit of concern.. But don't really want To move to big city like Barcelona or Madrid. Still trying to figure it all out!

Yeah same here, we've no interest living near the big cities either but want to be within 1-2 hours of all amenities. Were planning on going in march too by ferry...not looking forward to the 2 nite crossing but its good experience for the eventual big move. Its not easy finding estate agents for northern spain I most only deal with the southern part of the country. Have spent soo many hours looking at properties online. Have you found it to be different?

We moved to Spain 4 years ago, to Valencia.  We wanted a large but not too large city and found it to be a good compromise.  Lots of shopping/things to do, good public transport, but not as crowded as Madrid or Barcelona.  My son now lives in Barcelona and he is thinking about moving back due to congestion and petty crime issues.
And, if you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are small outlying towns (eg, Sagunt, Pucol, Alginet, Puig) within 10-15 minutes of the city by train or bus. 
Weather is a bit warmer than up north  We recently visited Porto (in Portugal), Santiago de Compostela and A Coruna and found it much cooler and wetter.  Locals told us about the frequent rain/cloudiness.  I suspect it is quite like some areas of the UK.  So if you are ok with that; then the north would be a good location.  If not, then south would be better. 
Best of both worlds would be to winter in south, summer in north but not everyone can do that.

Good luck with your move and regards


i think this would be possible if you're not afraid to drive with this big car. For me it would be too big, i prefer small cars:) Are you going to drive alone or is there a second person to take turns during the ride? And what about your 5 dogs, isn't it too exhausting for them? Wouln't it be easier moving them by plane?

Have a nice day:)

Thanks for the advice and recommendations blue moon i'll keep that in mind while house searching.
I've seen some pictures and vids of Valencia is a beautiful place :)

Hi Happy girl
Well we plan on getting the Ferry to Spain which is a 2 nite crossing that should be ok for our furry babies as for the driving when we get to partner can drive too and the dogs are very relaxed and calm when they are close to us :)
I'm worried about driving on the other side of the road its going to take some getting used to ha

kind regards

We've booked the ferry were going to spain in March!
How bout you?
we shud meet for a coffee :)
psst we don't drink coffee...a fruit juice will do :)

I first drove a left hand drive car in U.K. and drove a right hand drive on the continent  when I was 18.

I have since driven in a number of countries in all conditions without any problems.  One was in USA a 30 foot long motor home towing a car, total length about 45 feet when I was 67. I was there five months, 25,000 miles.  That was a first.

  I don’t think you will have too many problems either.

Driving is driving

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