Investing in Dominican Republic

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During your expatriation in Dominican Republic, you might have been made aware of interesting investment schemes (local or international). Whether one wants to make money grow, protect oneself or prepare for retirement, investment is always an attractive option. It is, however, never free of risk. Would you, therefore, like to share some practical information for other expats and expats to be?

Is the Dominican economy open to foreign investment? Do local authorities encourage investment (through formalities, tax etc.)?

What are the promising sectors to invest and do business in Dominican Republic?

Who do you turn to for information before investing your money? (organisation, professional, lawyer, consultant)

According to the sectors of activity and the projects, what budget should be foreseen for an investment in Dominican Republic?

What do you think are the pitfalls to avoid and what advice would you give someone who wants to invest?

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Another good topic.  Yes we are open to foreign investment.  Billions and billions of dollars are invested here. It ranges from massive new resort developments to small corner stores.

BE CAREFUL - this is the best advice. Unless you truly know what you are doing, understand the c

Unless you understand this country, the culture, the language and the laws it can and is difficult!

There are some great opportunities here and there are also those looking to part you from  your money!

Investing in a retirement home so you have your piece of paradise is very different from  building a resort!    Due diligence is everything here!   

Do  not just believe what your friend or realtor or your girlfriends lawyer tells you!   DOUBLE and triple check! Do your homework!

Once you have purchased a property, it can take years to sell it. This is not North America.  Dreams of a tropical retirement in paradise in your own home often give way to a need to sell. That is when you have a problem.

Absolutely.  And those with an idea to buy fix and flip   - hell no.

I've bought and flipped a few properties, and the quickest one was a little over 6 years.

Although I made money, it definitely isn't something you do if you're trying to make a quick buck.

Good article here:

More than sun and sand: The Dominican Republic’s road to growth … rowth.html

I've always thought the country had great potential but endemic corruption and nepotism along with continuing inequality has slowed that potential being realized.

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