requirements for teaching English

Are there any requirements for teaching English in Costa Blanca?
Do you have any experience in that area?

I think you would need at minimum your CELTA. And some teaching experience wouldn't hurt!

Well apparently linking directly to the word was a mistake, because links get reviewed. Hopefully they'll allow the link I included. The word is CELTA. You can Google that for more info!

Obviously a qualification is good and experience is better but the truth is that in lots of the small private schools all you need to be is to be breathing and able to speak English.

There aren't enough "native" speakers to go around and so the academies will take people on if they think they have a chance of selling the course.

The academies may well suggest that you go self employed rather than offer you a contract. If they do offer you a contract the chances are that the salary will be derisory and the contract will be full of untruths and half truths. The contract will also be very temporary and stretch from, say, October to Christmas and then from after Kings to Semana Santa and between say the end of May, or at best mid June. Over the summer there may be intensive courses but, usually, you won't get work or pay over the summer.

I'm not suggesting that there aren't other styles of employers but I did about twelve years with five different academies as I moved homes for one reason and another and only one stuck to most of the employment rules and was fair. All of them were decent people though, it was just the contracts that were rubbish. I did enjoy some of the work, particularly with teenagers and adults (I never got on with small children - when they weren't dancing on the table they were biting me) and the contact with ever changing groups of Spaniards can be really good for helping you fit into a community

Hi, I like this answer but I assume you're talking to Brits that can (so far) come and go as they like? Any advice for Canadian citizen with 3 professional honours degrees, Teaching experience for over 10 years, CELTA/TEFEL certification with 150 hours and current TEFL online teaching experience and curriculum building?

I'm not worried about my skill set, but it seems US/Canadian citizens get the short end of the stick to try to move over to Spain and set up a life there and contribute to society. Any input would be fantastic. :)

If you’re under the age of 60 and a Canadian-born or naturalized citizen, and English is your native language, you might want to look into the “Auxiliares de Conversación“ program. It’s a bit late in the process, since applications opened on 1/31, but I would think you could get in. (You only need a bachelor’s degree.) It’s not a teaching position, but it’s compensated, and once you’re there, you can take on external clients for extra income. (A TESL or CELTA will help with this!) Feel free to send me a direct message for more details, or search for the program and you’ll find plenty of info out there about it. Seems like a great way to get one’s foot in the door. Although ... with your experience level and teaching background ... you should be able to work directly with a recruiter and apply for a regular salaried teaching position in an international school. (There are Canadian international schools, something I didn’t know until a friend got a job at one!)


I'll be relocating to Alacante after 16 years teaching Design Technology in the UK and all over the world; do you think I will have any issues finding a job teaching English in Alacante?

I don't have TESL or CELTA but I do have QTS with a DfE Number, Higher English, a BSc (Construction Management) and PGCSE (Technological Education).

Finally, what is a normal hourly salary for teaching English?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jen, thanks for the info! I am trying to send a private note to you but it doesn't seem to be working. I have a few more questions and you sound knowledgable. I professionally write too and work remote but would like to stay in Spain longer than 3 months without getting a non lucrative or freelance visa if possible. Drop me an email if you don't mind! Cheers.


It depends on where you wanna tech it no? If you wanna teach it in a language-school it's more difficult to get a workplace than teaching for kids in a private frame... and the salary is very defferent too...

Kind regards

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