hi everyone im just wondering if id be able to continue as a window cleaner in alicante along with extras like pool cleaning garden work and maintenance ect,its what i do in the uk but not the pool cleaning as were not that fortunate in uk to have out door pools ware we live haha just thought id see if  its possible to stay in my same trade thanks guys,,

I don't know if it would be possible, but what about "The English Handyman" there must be a need to serve English speaking Exts in the area? Changing light bulbs, od jobs etc.... like cleaning windows?

I do not know if they have changed the law but at one time each worker  required to have a certificate of competence in the trade which he/she wanted to practice.

That meant that the UK idea of a handyman could not legally exit. 

For example: 
If you wanted to install say an electric power point, you would require an albañil (general bricklayer) to break the wall, an electrician to install the point, an albañil to make good the wall, a plasterer to make good the finish,   a painter and then a cleaner.

I would appreciate an update on that, to know  if it still applies

(Between you and me !    For a couple of years about 25 years ago, I was a handyman. I never sought  work but there was always too much.  A Spanish property manager who had me do some jobs, could not believe that one man could more or less turn his hand to almost every trade)

thanks for the info guys im hoping its not the case but if a licence is requierd to clean windows and pools and gardening ect il have a look into that,yes good idea on the handy man/window cleaner around the exts areas its somthing iv enjoyed doing as prefer to be outdoors working for myself,meeting new people ect,

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