Health Insurance in Spain

Hi all,
     My wife and I are in the process of applying for a resident non-lucrative visa. One of the required items on the visa checklist is obtaining health insurance coverage. Can anyone give us a health insurance company recommendation that will insure seniors who are 72 & 73 years old from USA.

Soon to be Expats,
Jim & Nola McCready

Hello Jim & Nola! Coming from the States I would probably explore the possibility of expanding your current insurance to "international" or "global". That way your pre-existing conditions (if any) would be covered. If you don't have pre-existing conditions or if they are not relevant I believe you won't have issues getting an insurance here. My personal recommendation is that you get a "re-embolso" one. They are more complete than the basic ones. Basic ones are very cheap but have many limitations, specially for expats. I looked into Sanitas Blua, Adeslas reembolso, Cigna Global, Mapfre Reembolso, Sanitas Más 90, Sanitas Premium 500. Eventually I went for one called DKV Mundisalud and I have been quite happy so far. I hope this helps! L

Thank you so much Lola.

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