What are some the best cities to live in Turkey? Pro's/Con's


I'm new to Turkey and I'm looking places with the best overall standard of living for expats (i.e. schools, housing prices, cost of living , infrastructure, family life, etc.)  Here are a list of some cities I've heard about:

1. Gaziantep
2. Bursa
3. Diyarbakir
4. Ankara ( Spent most of my time here so far)
5. Sakarya
6. Izmir
7. Antayla
8.  Istanbul

Any information that you can provide for me will be a great help.
Thank you so much in advance.

Hi Mustafah,

Nice list. Here is my opinions about the cities.

I live in ankara but i was born in Antalya. Antalya is a touristic city and there are a lot of foreigners settled in Antalya also. Most of the things in Antalya is arranged for foreginers so easy to live. You can find schools, courses and any other things well. But Antalya University is good at medical school but other diciplines such as business school, economics etc. are not good enough. Prices are low. For example ypu can find a fairy well house with 3 rooms about 1000 Turkish Liras.

Istanbul you know is like another country. Nothing to say. Perfect city, but expensive.

I visit İzmir several times but heard lots of nice things about living in İzmir. Not so expensive. Easy to live as a foreigner.

Here is my sort of the city list for your question.

1. Antalya
2. İzmir
3. İstanbul
4. Ankara

My top turkish cities are  Bodrum, Izmir and Istanbul. But currently I live in Izmir where I found a job. In the near future I want to buy property in Izmir. So I want to check https://tolerance-homes.com/ where I can find good property  offers for myself.

Thank you both for great information.

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