Looking for advice on spelling of name, please!

Hi, my family has Danish heritage and we are thinking of calling our baby Raphael/Rafael. Could someone please advise as to the Danish spelling of this name?

Any other Danish boys name suggestions that could work in the UK would be great. Thank you!

Just gently bumping post to see if anyone can help? :-)


It's Rafael in Danish. There is something call "name of the day" you may familiar with the concept, every name has a special day, in danish it calls "navnedag" however Rafael is not in that list, here is the list  https://www.navnedag.dk/alfabetisk


Rafael is a Hebrew name, and it's very seldom in Denmark.

If you want a Danish name, this is a list of approved names:

You can also look for suggestions here. You can search for a  boy's name after number of letters, what the beginning letter shall be, or what letters shall be in the name.
https://familieretshuset.dk/navne/navne … e-fornavne

And here you find the 100 most popular names today:


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