5 good reasons for living in Denmark


if someone asks you the best reasons for making the choice to live and stay in Denmark, what would be your top 5?

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Let's see...

1.  Regularly number 1 on the list of countries with the happiest population.  This is generally because of the rest of these:
2.  Universal healthcare
3.  Decent pay, no matter the job, leading to a fairly good standard of living
4.  Probably the best public transportation system in the world
5.  Bike lanes.  Clean, easy to use, completely respected by drivers.  Living in Copenhagen, it's generally unnecessary (and highly cost ineffective) to own a car.

wow Julien, you sure have lived in many countries- I see you have lived in France, renowned for the world's best healthcare , however free healthcare is also one of Denmark's strengths.

I would like to live abroad....however 5 good things about Denmark:

1. Free healthcare
2. Free universities
3. Good minimum wages
4. Good infrastructure
5. In comparison with the other Nordic country, Denmark is facing Europe so it's location is better than Finland or Iceland

Other countries I like: Canada, Japan, Iran, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Qatar, UAE, Oman, France, Spain, Austria, Lichtenstein, Italy, Spain, Norway

havent been to most of them but they sound great for various reasons including friendly people, great culture, great scenery or great infrastructure

- for a peaceful life
- earning and learning together
- humanity has much importance over there
- People love each other
- cleanliness

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Aliadnan: I heard Lahore is a beautiful city with Mughal gardens, architecture, mosques and churches and there is "Food Street"!


Just to remind that this thread is about "5 good reasons for living in Denmark"

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Comparing Denmark with Spain, I would say my 5 reason to come were:

-there were jobs
-jobs were nicely paid
-education is free (university but also Danish courses for free)
-cycling paths and possibility to move by bike to anywhere
-better weather than in Sweden, Norway, Icelang...

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