Query for education for my ADHD son

I am Warisha Malik from Pakistan. I have a 10 year old ADHD son. I am worried for his education in pakistan as we don't have any good opportunities here and I want to move to Turkey. Please can anyone guide me if this is a correct decision. Do they have good inclusive school for such kids?
Secondly I would like to consult speech pathologist who can give turkish speaking lessons to my son.

Hi, it’s good to now that you are dam concerned about your kids education which is a positive side of yours and also reflecting your attitude towards the importance of good education.  yes, there are lots of goods schools and colleges offering excellent education than pakistan and not only at schools and colleges levels but also you can earn other professional degrees at a very reasonable cost which is next to impossible being in pakistan since education has become the best business practic.
I have been in turkey 3 times and now I’m planning to move turkey permanently in next couple of month, hope this gonna work for rest of us INSHA ALLAH.
Language is a big barrier which limits you but nothing can stop you if there is a will there is a way.
If you are looking for turkish teachers in pakistan specially in karachi there are few good teachers are available the one to whom i have been learning turkish has gone back to turkey he was a native teacher chances are too slim to find a professional teacher but still give a try...
Hope,I answered the question throughly.

Thank you for your response.
I am very concerned about my son's education, I'll be really grateful if u can provide me any helpful information about education in turkey for ADHD kids.

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