Temporary residency certificate before Brexit

Hi I am wanting to obtain a  Portuguese temporary residency certificate before the UK officially leaves the EU on the 31st Jan 2020. The reason for this is that ultimately I would like to obtain dual British and Portuguese nationality so that I can retain the benefits of freedom of movement which I anticipate will be stopped after brexit.

I can see the process seems quite straight forward
https://www.sef.pt/en/Pages/conteudo-de … spx?nID=22

And there is 15€ Fee to pay.

However I’m have a few questions if anyone can help.

1. I don’t plan on working in Portugal or even living there to start with so if I rented an apartment for the purpose of applying is there a minimum rental agreement that is needed. I.e could I just rent somewhere for 1 month?

2. Do you have to show a tenancy agreement or would a holiday rental be accepted when applying at the local town hall?

3. If I have to provide an Affidavit to prove I have means to support myself is there a figure that should be in the bank? Can I provide details of income I receive from my rental property in the UK?

4. Is it necessary to register for tax in Portugal if I won’t be earning in Portugal?

5. If I have to rent a property and not a holiday rental in Portugal would I be expected to set up accounts for gas, electricity, water and council tax or whatever the equivalent is in Portugal?

6. If I registered in Faro but in the next few years purchased property elsewhere does the residency certificate need updating?

7. If I obtained the temporary residency certificate would I be free to come to Portugal at anytime in the next 5 years or does the certificate expire if I leave Portugal?

If anyone has been through the process of officially registering their residency I would be very keen to hear how easy it was.  After 5 years I understand the temporary residency expires, can this be renewed or do you have to apply for permanent residency?

Thank you for any help and advice.

1. Yes, but that can be problem in some locations if you need Atestado
2. Varies from location, some dont care, some ask for Atestado
3. None required. You'll sign form promising that.
4. YES! It's a MUST.
5. Depends of contract. If you need to, you'll need to have 4.
6. YES. Any personal change must be reported, address change, marriage, passport change,etc.
7. You seam to got wrong idea what Temporary Residence is. It's not waver for free travel.
It has strick conditions about any absence, visit www.sef.pt.

It all depends on location and your luck. Some places are easy, other absolute birocratic nightmare.
For UK National, certificate expire after UK-EU transition period. It needs to be exchanged for residency card. For EU National, certificate expire after 5y but not their status, just means that after 5 years can apply for permanent residency, but dont have to apply for one.

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