Requirement Visa

Here some of experts sir said that no need Visa for visiting Argentina or mercosur country with only permanent resident card of Brazil.

Can anyone give me this link where can I read that I don't need visa to travel to Argentina as I am permanent resident of Brazil??

I saw that Brazil nationality can travel to mercosur country.

You may travel back and forth with your CRNM. I live on the border of BR and AR and almost once a week go to AR. No visa required. Take care and do not stay longer than allowed under the CRNM/ The PF always reminds me when traveling to US. You still will be entered into the systems leaving and returning from another country.
Mercosul countries are BR, AR, Uruguay and Paraguay. MIEMBROS CONVIDADOS are Chile and Bolivia

Sir, you are citizen of America. For this you are allowed to travel any country. But as I am Bangladeshi passport holder can I travel to Argentina? I am permanent resident of Brazil. In border they check what??

Your CRNM allows you to enter AR. Just show ID card.

AR and PY borders are closed

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