Car scrap yards Sofia

Hi all,

A friend and I are hoping to drive to Sofia from the UK in January and when we get there we'd like to scrap the car. (It sounds like selling is too much hassle)
Could anyone kindly recommend a scrapyard to contact? We have been emailing but they havent replied.
Kind regards


Welcome Will :)

Did you Email them in English? If you did maybe that's why you have not had a reply. You could ask someone on here to translate for you. Just a thought.

Hi SimcitycatAT,

Thanks for coming back to me. Their website is also in english but I used google translate to send in both languages, just in case. Hopefully google translate hasn't said anything too ridiculous.
If anyone knows of a scrap yard I could contact I'd be super grateful, there are none when you search in google.

Thanks again.


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