Pregnant au pair

Hi everyone! I am from the Philippines and currently an au pair in Sweden. I am 5 months pregnant now with a Norwegian father. He’s willing to take responsibility for the baby. But unfortunately, he doesn’t have a job.

We are planning to apply for a fiancé visa, to have me in Norway and raise the child together. But I don’t think he can meet all the requirements needed.

I would like to ask if there’s any possibility for me to get to Norway to give birth. Or if the government will grant my visa and give us consideration at least.

I would love to hear your advices. Thank you!

have you gone through the UDI pages to see if you qualify for any of their exceptions? Given the information in your post, I made a guess and I agree that it's going to be fairly unlikely that the visa in Norway will be approved.

Is there a reason you're not able to stay in Sweden and deliver there? Does your partner have another income source or fit in any of these other categories related to the reference person's income status? … #link-9495

Hi ECS, the reason why I am not able to stay in Sweden and deliver here is because my au pair contract is terminated effectively on 15th of December. The reason why my host family terminated my contract is for them to start processing the permit of the au pair who will replace me.

And my boyfriend wants me to go to Norway on that day, Dec15 to figure out what will be the best thing to do. But what’s concerning me is that, my Schengen residence permit will be revoked because as I’ve said, my contract has been terminated that time.

What do you think is the best thing for me to do?
Thank you 😊

I have also got advices from random people that I have no chance of staying, or giving birth in Norway mainly because my boyfriend doesn’t have a job for a year now. But I have read in the UDI link that you sent that they would probably be considerate.

I am not sure you want to get stressed over your residence in Norway.  Maybe it is better that you have your child in Philippines and your bf marries you in Philippines.

It is written in UDI that it is better to apply family unification if you are both married.

For applicants from your country, it may sometimes be difficult to be granted an application for family immigration in order to get married. This is because the UDI decides whether it is likely that you will return to your home country if you do not get married as planned.  It is more likely that your application for family immigration will be granted if you get married first.

Hi fornight, thank you for your advice. I shouldn’t stress about giving birth in Norway ☺️ i could just go home and give birth in the Philippines. And I don’t think we can get married soon because he is only 22 years old and I am 24 😬

I agree that it's probably best to go home and give birth where you're familiar with the environment and language, and can be there legally. There have been plenty of cases recently where the immigration authority in Norway sent people away despite being pregnant or nursing infants. I wouldn't count on their sympathies, and if I were in your shoes and as pregnant as you are, I would want to be somewhere I wasn't worried about my legal standing the last few months leading to birth.

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